3 Amazing Keys Which Would Instantly Impress ANY Girl – This is What You Were Searching For!

3 Amazing Keys Which Would Instantly Impress Any Girl – This is What You Were Searching For!
By Jenny Melbourne

Any guy could go up to a girl and start a conversation with her, but the main test comes when you actually have to impress her. You see, women would not get easily impressed when you are actually trying to impress her. The reason is because they are very quick to pick up on your body language and they would easily know more or less what you are trying to do. That is why you must know beforehand what are the right ways to make a girl interested in you and impressed, otherwise you will only fail with women. Here is how you can easily impress a girl…

Show her that you are not needy- If she knows that you are needy, she will reject you. If she knows that you want a girl desperately, she will find that too easy and not challenging, and that is why you would get rejected. You see, women want something unique and they rate guys based on their behavior. As long as you are not giving her that much attention, then you will come across as someone who is not too needy or desperate and she will chase you.

Make her edgy- If you act a bit disinterested in her after you had paid her attention, she will instantly become edgy and will be going nuts to get your attention. You can make this trick work easily, simply by showing her friends most of the attention, and this will start to make her think. She will think that you aren’t that impressed by her and she will try harder and harder to impress you because of it.

Act as if you have something important to tell her, but never tell her what it is- Tell her that you have something important to tell her, and then don’t finish the story. After tell her that she wouldn’t understand it anyways, and say “well, never mind, because I know you wouldn’t get it anyways”… this will make her want to prove to you that she can understand and that she can get it, because she will burn at the idea that there is something you aren’t telling her.

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