From Slob To Suave

Perhaps you have heard the old cliche, “all is fair in love and war?” Well, the “all” bit is only true when self-standards are exceedingly low, and the level of one’s appearance, style, and behavior are next to nil unless, of course, you’re looking for love at Walmart.

The only tail a fellow like this catches is from the back of a woman’s dress as she turns away in indignation to flee the scene. There is no need to give up, go home, and cry in a fetal position if you’re on the receiving end – it’s just time to invest in some self improving endeavors like hygiene, a respectable wardrobe, and some confidence drills. In just a short bit of time, you will transcend your mere-average circumstances and become the alpha you were destined to become. And who could possibly do a better job at imparting this enlightenment to you than James Bond himself (The Sean Connery version, of course).

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Bio: Shaun White lives in Boise, Idaho and writes humor articles and cartoon illustrations. “From Slob to Suave” was created


3 Amazing Keys Which Would Instantly Impress ANY Girl – This is What You Were Searching For!

3 Amazing Keys Which Would Instantly Impress Any Girl – This is What You Were Searching For!
By Jenny Melbourne

Any guy could go up to a girl and start a conversation with her, but the main test comes when you actually have to impress her. You see, women would not get easily impressed when you are actually trying to impress her. The reason is because they are very quick to pick up on your body language and they would easily know more or less what you are trying to do. That is why you must know beforehand what are the right ways to make a girl interested in you and impressed, otherwise you will only fail with women. Here is how you can easily impress a girl…

Show her that you are not needy- If she knows that you are needy, she will reject you. If she knows that you want a girl desperately, she will find that too easy and not challenging, and that is why you would get rejected. You see, women want something unique and they rate guys based on their behavior. As long as you are not giving her that much attention, then you will come across as someone who is not too needy or desperate and she will chase you.

Make her edgy- If you act a bit disinterested in her after you had paid her attention, she will instantly become edgy and will be going nuts to get your attention. You can make this trick work easily, simply by showing her friends most of the attention, and this will start to make her think. She will think that you aren’t that impressed by her and she will try harder and harder to impress you because of it.

Act as if you have something important to tell her, but never tell her what it is- Tell her that you have something important to tell her, and then don’t finish the story. After tell her that she wouldn’t understand it anyways, and say “well, never mind, because I know you wouldn’t get it anyways”… this will make her want to prove to you that she can understand and that she can get it, because she will burn at the idea that there is something you aren’t telling her.

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How To Be Attractive To Women

To begin with, you need to understand WHY women become attracted to certain men.  Once you have come to understand this, then you can more easily implement the proper changes in your personality and character to be more attractive to women.

Let’s start by looking at WHY women find some men extremely attractive, while other men have NO HOPE in hell.  On the surface, two men may SEEM the same.  They have similar physiques, similar looks, they make the same amount of money, drive the same sort of car etc etc.

But when it comes to attracting women, one is WAAYY ahead of the other in ‘the game’.  Why is this, and what are they doing differently?  It’s really quite simple – one possesses and displays attractive qualities and characteristics, and the other doesn’t.  When women become attracted to a man, it’s because he has ‘certain‘ qualities and characteristics that have TRIGGERED that attraction in them.

Women are sub-consciously hard-wired and programmed with an innate desire to mate with the DOMINANT men, the ALPHA MALES in our societies.  This desire has been naturally ingrained in women since the beginning of recorded history, when survival DEPENDED upon the strongest and fittest of the males to protect and provide for the welfare of the group.  By mating with the alphas, women ensured the greatest chance of survival to her offspring and the human race.

In fact, it’s such a natural instinct that most female mammals are programmed this way.  You only need to have a quick look at the many different species in the animal kingdom, and their sexual attraction behavior to see this is true.  Chimpanzees and Baboons are a prime example.  Go ahead, watch a program from Discovery Channel or Animal Kingdom about animal sexual attraction and you will see this for yourself.

The Dominant Alpha Male gets to have ALL the females, while the other males have to resort to tricks and bribery to get sex.  No different to humans really.  How many men do you see, trying to buy, bribe or trick their way into a woman’s life, heart and pants?  Women are NOT attracted to this type of behavior.  Are you one of these men?


Ok, even though we now live in a completely different era, and survival of the human race is no longer dependent on the strongest and fittest men, women are STILL hard-wired and programmed with that innate desire to mate with the strongest dominant males.  Remember, IT IS A NATURAL INSTINCT!

In this day and age though, men no longer NEED to be strong or fit PHYSICALLY (although it doesn’t hurt to be), but we DO NEED to be strong in character and personality.  We need to have the strength of character to follow our OWN hearts, make our OWN decisions, our OWN rules and control our OWN lives in order to have more success with women.

This is what gives a man his DOMINANCE.  It’s his ability to be in CONTROL of himself, and LEAD others that makes him an ALPHA MALE.  You don’t need to be a bully, or domineering, because that is NOT dominant.  That sort of behavior is just INSECURE, NEEDY and WEAK.  You DO need to be strong within yourself, confident and comfortable in who you are, decisive about what you want and have the GUTS to go and get what you want, in order to be a DOMINANT man.

If you are currently allowing women to CONTROL your destiny, or worse, GIVING CONTROL AWAY to the women in your life, then you will be suffering from a serious LACK of attractive characteristics and behavior.


So in order to become more attractive to women, you will need to start developing the strength of character to STAND on your OWN, and lead the way.  This starts with CONFIDENCE.

If you are hoping to have ANY sort of success with women, then it is absolutely ESSENTIAL, to develop your confidence so that you have the personal INNER strength to stand up for what you want.  Nobody will just give you what you want, you MUST have the BALLS to go and get what you want.

But confidence on its own is NOT enough.  There are lots of guys out there who have more than enough confidence, but will lose out to someone who possesses this characteristic every time.  What is it?  INITIATIVE.  This means YOU MUST ALWAYS BE FIRST.  Be first to walk up to a woman and start a conversation, be first to kiss her (without asking), be first to get her number, lead her to the bedroom, be first to initiate sex.  When you are out with a group, stay out in front.  Be FIRST.

In other words – LEAD!!!

You also NEED to start right NOW, being DECISIVE.  Start making decisions.  When someone asks for your input, give it.  If a woman asks what to do, tell her.  Start RIGHT NOW being decisive and making decisions.

DO NOT sit on the fence and say “I don’t care, whatever you want babe”, or “It’s up to you baby, you choose”.  This is WEAK behavior and NOT ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN at all.  Women are NOT attracted to weak men.  “But I’m just being courteous and thinking about what she wants”, I can hear you saying.

NOOO, YOU ARE NOT!!!  You are being WEAK and INDECISIVE, and annoying the fuck out of her.  That’s why BAD-BOYS can ALWAYS get women – because they take control and lead the way.  They know what they want, and they have the confidence to go and get it.  Women are EXCITED by this behaviour, and by THE MAN who behaves this way.

Be strong, be confident, use initiative, be decisive.  BE DOMINANT.  Confidence, Initiative and Decisiveness are some of the most IMPORTANT qualities you will need, to be attractive to women.  They are not the only qualities, but these qualities will lay the foundation to becoming a SUAVE MAN.  If you ever hope to have the sort of success that you dream of, then start developing these qualities.