The KEY to Success with Women

There are many aspects of attraction that need to be learned and applied.  But there is ONE that stands out above everything else, and without it, everything you do will be useless.


If you take note of men with power and high status, MANY of these men possess this quality.  Movie stars, rock stars, high profile sportsmen, maybe even your boss.  They seem to be totally relaxed and in complete control in social situations.  They KNOW without a doubt, that they are hot property and can get ANY woman they want.  They KNOW they are THE SHIT!

It is this relaxed confidence that makes women weak at the knees.  It is this relaxed confidence that makes these men seem like they are gifted naturals that have all the gorgeous women flocking to them.  It’s not their fame or power that is attractive to women, but rather their relaxed confidence and belief in themselves.  This is what makes them different from MOST ordinary men.

Have you ever noticed how all the ORDINARY guys behave in social situations?  They find it hard to look others in the eye – especially women – they seem fidgety and uptight, they will stand with their hands in their pockets or hold their drinks across their chests, a classic defensive posture.  They NEVER look relaxed OR confident and they don’t seem to be enjoying themselves.

These guys will continually go out to bars, parties or social events in the HOPE of getting LUCKY with a woman, yet never realize that their behavior and body language is their downfall.  They will have a terrible time, maybe even go from bar to bar, continually having the same experience because they fail to see that their actions are NOT attractive to women.

These are the men who BLAME their lack of fame, money or good looks for their failures with women.  They even blame women, saying that all the women are too up themselves, snobby or too high maintenance.  It’s not that women are any of these things, most of the time it’s because these guys are just NOT behaving the RIGHT WAY for women to be attracted to them.  Instead, women are REPULSED by them.

Maybe you have been or still are one of these guys.  That’s ok though, because it’s NEVER too late to change.  If you have the desire to learn how to be better at attracting women, then you definitely have the drive and ambition to change who you are.

Now, if you want to enjoy the sort of success with women that only the famous or the naturals seem to be able to have, then start by relaxing and being confident in social situations.  Instead of being like all the other lame guys, hanging around in packs for safety, only approaching women when they are drunk and full of dutch courage, start being the guy who has the balls to walk up to ANY woman, look her in the eye and say “Hi”.

Start building friendships and relationships with a wide variety of people.  Extend your circle of friends and acquaintance’s.  Be relaxed and friendly with EVERYONE.  Being a man who can mingle with and be relaxed around a diverse group of people gives everyone the impression you are a person with high social status.  This makes you extremely attractive in the eyes of women, especially beautiful women.

By doing this, you will cease to be ordinary, and start to be extraordinary.  And being extraordinary is extremely attractive to women.  Start visualizing yourself being totally relaxed and confident in ALL social situations.  Visualize and practice in your head, being totally relaxed talking to women.  ALL WOMEN!

Try joining some groups where women already go, like dance groups, or yoga class, even the gym is a good place to start meeting new people.  Not only will you be exposed to new people, but you will also gain new skills and strengths.

It takes practice to become good at anything, and being relaxed and confident in social situations is no different.  You need to start somewhere, sometime, and now is just as good a time as any.  Remember though, this is just an eyeopener, the tip of the iceberg, something to make you aware of whats needed to start building a new and better you.

In future posts we’ll concentrate on more specific methods and techniques to really help boost your progress.  For now, start visualizing having relaxed confidence.  Study successful ladies men.  Get out there and build new friendships and acquaintances.

Till next time …



Confidence … Essential In Attracting Women

When it comes to attracting women, there is one quality that is consistently at the top when women talk about what they want in a man … CONFIDENCE!!

If a man has confidence, it makes him seem POWERFUL, IN CONTROL and DOMINANT.  Women automatically and unconsciously come to the conclusion that he is in CONTROL of himself, KNOWS what he wants and has the BALLS to go and get it.

You see, portraying confidence to a woman has a VERY SPECIAL effect on her.  If a man holds and conducts himself with confidence, she will take notice.  When a man has the confidence to look her in the eyes (something that 90% of men DO NOT do – especially if she is beautiful), while communicating and interacting with her, she subconsciously says to herself – ‘This man is NOT afraid of me.  This man is COMFORTABLE in my presence.  This man has an EQUAL or GREATER value than mine’.

Remember this and understand its importance: Women DO NOT have sex with men who they perceive to have a LOWER VALUE than themselves. They ONLY have sex with men who are EQUAL or SUPERIOR.  Displaying the right type of confidence, can help by-pass a woman’s attempts to screen test and judge you, and show her that you are not intimidated by her at all.  She will deem you as being equal, or even better, perceive you as being superior.  Women WANT and CRAVE to be dominated by a superior man, an Alpha Male.

When women screen men – and they do it ALL the time, EVERY time they meet a man -they do it in a very short space of time.  In fact they do it in a matter of SECONDS.  Women are USED to men hitting on them ALL THE TIME!  It is second nature for them to socially screen men in seconds of meeting them to judge whether they are WORTHY to invest time in.

It’s not just beautiful women either, it’s ALL women.  Even ugly women can, and DO, get their fair share of lovin’. Because they are hit on all the time, they naturally become EXPERTS at determining quickly whether a man measures up or not.  And what are they looking for?


You need to understand that women are looking for a man who is DOMINANT, CONFIDENT, POWERFUL and AUTHORITATIVE. When you hear women say they are looking for a sensitive, caring guy, what they really mean is – ‘I CRAVE to be with a man who is dominant, confident and powerful, who is ALSO sensitive and caring’.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they want men to be JUST sensitive and caring.  They are looking for a perfect BALANCE in a man.

Back to confidence though.  Displaying your confidence by communicating and interacting with her in a relaxed and comfortable manner, you are subconsciously portraying to her that you are NOT afraid of her, and you have an equal or higher value than hers.  This is what she is screening and testing men for – to see if they possess the ability to excite her, interest her, entertain her and dominate her.  Only a confident alpha male has the ability to do that to a woman.

“But, how do I get that sort of confidence?  I don’t have any idea!”, I can hear you saying.  Well good question, because it’s not as easy as saying to yourself “I AM CONFIDENT”, and you will all of a sudden possess it.  But it’s not THAT hard to develop either.

The first thing you need to do, is to START visualizing yourself as a man with the TYPE of confidence that women are attracted to.  That TYPE of confidence is the SUPREME SELF CONFIDENCE that you see ladies men all over the world possessing.  If you lack the sort of confidence you want,FAKE IT till you MAKE IT!  Start by COPYING the body language, posture and mannerisms of  successful ladies men in your area, or watch movies.

Check out movies with great leading men who are suave.  James Bond has to be one of THE most Suave Ladies Men to ever grace the movie screen.  It doesn’t really matter which actor plays him, it’s the characteristics and traits of Bond that they all portray that are important.

Pay attention to the way Bond handles himself with women.  Notice how he ALWAYS looks women directly in the eyes, says things that MOST men are too scared to say and all the while standing there with a cheeky grin on his face.    Notice how he holds himself, ALWAYS cool, calm, composed and self assured, NEVER afraid, timid or indecisive.  Imagine and visualize yourself being this way.

Now check your POSTURE.  How do you stand?  How do you walk?  If you are not feeling very confident, chances are your posture and walking style sucks.  You’re probably slouching, letting your shoulders and chest sag forward, dragging your arms and with your chin tucked in and eyes looking down.  Am I right?

Then change.  Start standing tall, straighten your spine, push your shoulders back, stick your chest out,keep your chin and eyes up and scan your surroundings, but keep it relaxed.  You don’t want to look like one of those insecure, thinks he’s a man, wanna-be tough guys.  It might feel uncomfortable and unnatural to start with – that’s probably because you’re so used to slouching – but trust me, you’ll definitely LOOK better.  But you really should FEEL the difference straight away.  Do you FEEL more powerful, stronger and more manly?

When you walk, keep your posture, and walk slowly and deliberately.  Not so slow you’re just about moving in slow motion, but slow enough that you are not zipping around, looking like you are out of CONTROL.  Women notice these little things, and being out of CONTROL is NOT a good look.  In fact, you should do EVERYTHING in a CONTROLLED, deliberate manner.

When you look around, do it slowly and deliberately.  Once again, eyes that can’t stay still or dart all over the place make you look CRAZY and out of CONTROL.  Notice the BIG emphasis on CONTROL?  Because being in control MATTERS!!  Women are attracted to men who are in CONTROL!!

Working on these things is a good start to developing your confidence.  Practice these for the next couple weeks, try and make a conscious effort to make them part of your daily routine.  Slowly build them into your subconsciousness by doing them every day.  Soon it will become a HABIT and once that happens, it will start to be your natural way of being.

We will focus on some specific techniques to help build your confidence TALKING and INTERACTING with women soon.  For now, just focus on getting your POSTURE, WALKING STYLE, SCANNING YOUR SURROUNDINGS and STUDYING and VISUALIZING the way successful ladies men behave.

Note how you FEEL when you hold yourself properly and try and notice if people TREAT you differently.  Enjoy building your NEW SELF.  Talk again soon.