Do You Suffer From “Nice Guy” Syndrome?

By: Thundercat

I have a question for you…

Have you ever heard that old addage “Nice Guys Finish Last?”

Well, I’m here to tell you that saying is 100% true! But not for
the reasons you may think.

Being a “Nice Guy” with women doesn’t work, not because you get too
caught up in what a girl wants and get stuck as a friend, but
because Nice Guys are typically very, very…


That’s right. When you’re a “Nice Guy,” you’re not really being
nice, you’re being EMOTIONALLY GREEDY.

Let me explain…

One of the biggest problems guys who are struggling with women face
is something I like to call “the Nice Guy factor.”

So many guys have such a weak identity and so little self-esteem,
that they base their own self-worth on what other people THINK OF

These guys are at the mercy of everyone else in their lives, so
they try their best to please the people around them, hoping
they’ll continue to think highly of them, so they can feel good
about themselves. That’s not so bad, right? It feels good when
others approve of you, doesn’t it?

Most people look at this behavior and would instantly categorize
these poor men in the “Nice Guys” column. After all, they’re the
ones who don’t like conflict. They’re the ones who don’t want to
make waves. They’re the ones who want everyone to be happy.

They are also some of the most selfish people on the planet.

Seriously. I know this because I used to be one of these people,
and I know all their dirty little secrets! And the point of this
newsletter is to make everyone who thinks of themselves as “nice”
or as a “victim” really, really pissed off!!!

All of you “Nice Guys” out there reading this are nothing more than
“people pleasers.” Somewhere in your life, you found out that
pleasing people is a way to get other people to like you and admire
you so you can feel good about yourself. Whether it was the
acclaim of your parents, or the acceptance of your friends,
somewhere in your time on this planet YOU LEARNED to feel good
based on what other people think of you.

But I’m here to tell you that using other people’s feelings and
goodwill like that is not only harmful, but dishonest!

Anyone who says “I can’t stand conflict!” or “If you can’t say
anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” should do us all a favor
and move to the planet “Ideal” where life is wonderful, we all have
transparent heads, and there is no war. Only on this planet will
you be able to find that everyone is willing to give you the moral
support you need.

But that’s the crux of the issue right there. All you “Nice Guys”
have a losing mentality about your need for support. Your
methodology is: “I am so loving and giving and nice, I expect you
to treat me the exact same way as I treat you!”

Here is the typical thought process of Nice Guys:

–“Don’t disagree with me! It’s not fair because I do so much for

–“Please be sympathetic and comfort me when I’m upset! I’m needy
and can’t comfort myself.”

–“Always be in a good mood. I am always trying to make you happy
and if I can’t, I feel ashamed and mad at you!”

–“Pay attention to me when I need it! I’ve earned it after all
I’ve done for you!!!!”

–“Take care of me by doing what I’m afraid to do! I take care of
you, so you need to return the favor!!!!”

Look at those thoughts above, and ask yourself “If someone was
saying that to me, how would I react?” Now you know where women
are coming from when they don’t want to have relationships with
“Nice Guys.”

Once that happens and the needy demands of “Nice Guys” go unmet,
they fall into the deep pits of self-pity and depression. They
also feel a lot of shame and anger at their failure to please the
women they want, and though these “Nice Guys” can keep their
pleasant demeanor up for a long time, their resentment of the women
they want to please will grow and grow until it explodes in anger
and rage, either directed at others, themselves, or both.

This kind of mentality can extremely damage your self respect and
cause others to not want to be around you.

So what’s a “Nice Guy” to do?

If you want to have success with women, you need to stop being
agreeable and instead be straightforward and honest, especially
when you have to go against the wishes of others and disappoint
them. You can do this with kindness and sensitivity, but you MUST
do this nonetheless.

Only by being honest, with yourself and with others, will you be
able to overcome the selfish “nice guy” habits you have adopted in
your life. And when you do this, you will stop caring about what
other people think of you because the source of your validation
comes from the fact that you’re being true to yourself and
straightforward with others, and you will cease to harbor
resentment and anger, and have more self respect and less depression.

That is the only way I have found to truly stop being a “Nice Guy”
and become the type of man other people can respect. It can be
hard being honest with others (especially yourself), but in the end
it is far more rewarding than any other behavior you can adopt.

Your first step on the road to being that type of guy should be to
read my book The Art of Approaching. In it, you will learn how to
create the opportunities with women you’ll need to practice being
straightforward and honest with them. If you can be reading my
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Wishing you success,



How To Be Unpredictable To Attract More Women

If there is ONE thing that stops MOST men dead in their tracks when trying to attract women, it’s being BORING!  This is the greatest sin of all.  Women absolutely HATE being bored.  And, once you have been labeled as boring, you will need to do a HUGE amount of work to recover from that.  You will be viewed as a predictable, uninteresting and BORING “nice guy”, and she WILL place you into the dreaded “let’s just be friends” category.

Now to be honest, it’s not that women dislike nice guys, it’s just that nice guys aren’t exciting and fun.  They’re pleasant, predictable and they do and say all the “right things”.  There is no spontaneity or unpredictability, which means, NO fun and excitement.  Deep in their hearts, women are all seeking adventure and excitement.  That’s why bad boys and jerks can always attract beautiful women, because they provide excitement, fun and an element of danger.  Women NEVER know what’s going to happen next.  It’s always one big adventure.

So it goes without saying then, if you are trying to attract women – especially beautiful women – then you need to be interesting, fun and exciting.  Most guys are too busy trying to IMPRESS women with what they think is attractive ie. money, fancy possessions, social standing, workplace positions, personal accomplishments or luxurious lifestyles.  What they don’t do is work on being INTERESTING to women.  Instead they falsely believe that being impressive IS being interesting.

You need to remember that women are more emotional than we are, and as a result, are not interested in or stimulated by the things that interest us.  They are more concerned with FEELING emotions, rather than talking about practical and logical issues.  For example, talking to a woman about the specs of your brand new car, or the stats of the latest football game will more than likely put her to sleep.  BORING!  Hell, I’m a man and know what all that means, AND I get bored listening to someone go on about these things.

It’s more important – actually, it’s essential if you want success with women – that you are FUN, INTERESTING and EXCITING.  And one of the best ways to do that is to be UNPREDICTABLE.

There are a couple of  important things you can implement in your personality right now, that will help you to be more unpredictable, fun and exciting.

Firstly, STOP being afraid to say what you think.  What I mean by this is, you need to have the balls and cheek to make truthful observations about what you see.  You don’t have to be mean and hurtful, just have the nerve to say what others want to, but don’t have the balls to.

Most men are too afraid of upsetting a woman with their words and actions, and as a result, they hold their tongues, and hold back on their actions, which makes them appear boring and predictable to her.  You know, there are only a handful of “right” things you can say and do in any situation, but there are infinite “wrong” things you can say and do.

So it’s far better to say what’s on your mind, than to be pleasant about everything.  Jerks and bad boys have the ability to say and do whatever they want, which makes them seem unpredictable, and in turn, appear exciting to be around.  This is why so many women fall for them.  They just never know what’s going to happen next.  It’s all an experience of excitement and adventure.

You also need to have relaxed playfulness.  Relaxed playfulness is behaving in a fun, playful way with a relaxed attitude about everything.  Playfully tease women.  Teasing most women has an incredible effect, because it shows them that you are not afraid of them and you have the balls to say and do what most of the other guys don’t have the balls to.  Women will automatically assume you are DIFFERENT to 99% of all the other men they meet, because you have just done what most men don’t have the courage to do.

Here’s something I’ve been doing for a long time, and its been the start of so many of the “relations” I’ve had with women.  When I’m out at bars, and I’ve met and started talking to a woman, I like to make a cheeky comment about her cleavage.  I make it obvious I’m staring at her boobs, then I look her in the eyes and say, “you know, I just can’t concentrate with your cleavage staring at me like that, I’m going to have to cover it up”!  Then I’ll pull her top up, or if they are wearing something over the top, I’ll pull that across or down or whatever.  Then after I’ve done that I’ll say, “actually, it was WAY better when they were out”, and I”ll expose her cleavage again.  For added effect, I like to finish that off with a cheeky little hip bump (bump your hip into her hip), followed by a sly smile and wink.

Always works that one, because I just showed her with my words and actions, that I am fun, exciting and unpredictable.  I have just done what NO other man has done to her.  I had the balls to treat her as a sexy woman who I am attracted to, BUT, I can still remain in control of myself.  Extremely powerful and attractive behavior.

If you are behaving the right way, it’ll work for you too.  Give it a try sometime.

This type of behavior shows women that you are relaxed being sexual with them, and comfortable enough to make it all appear to be lighthearted, relaxed and fun.  While most other guys have been using the tired old pick-up lines or canned get-to-know-you question routine, you have just shown her that you are DIFFERENT from ALL the other guys who have approached her.  She will think you are INTERESTING, and be open to more interactions with you.

Most of all though, this type of behavior makes you seem UNPREDICTABLE, EXCITING and FUN.

Try these things out for yourself.  Make sure you are confident in your words and actions, and most of all, make sure you are always having fun doing what you are doing.  Women will notice your relaxed attitude, and appreciate your realness, honesty and unpredictability.



Become a SUAVE MAN

A Real Man.  A Ladies Man.  A Man of the World.  A strong, confident, take charge and lead from the front man, who radiates pure, male sexual energy.  Instinctively, women can’t help being attracted to him, and they absolutely CRAVE to be with him.  He is a SUAVE MAN.

Does this paragraph describe you?  If it doesn’t, then pay attention.  CLOSE attention.  Because this stuff CAN change your life when it comes to getting THE LADIES!

Lets be honest, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?  That’s why you’re here right … to learn how to attract women?

Well, in this modern, politically and socially correct world of the 21st century, many men in our societies have evolved in mind-set and behavior when it comes to attracting women sexually.  Sadly though, evolved in the WRONG way! However, most often, it isn’t any fault of the man because of the way we have been socially programmed and conditioned.

Many men look to IMITATE the ideal man – the man that women SAY they are looking for, and what the media portrays as ideal – without understanding what it is that women are INSTINCTIVELY attracted to.  What women SAY they need and what women ACTUALLY need are often two very different desires.

We have been conditioned to believe that women are attracted to good looks, fame, fortune and fancy stuff, and without these things, we are doomed to a life of either NO women, or the ones at the bottom of the pile.

Look at my opening statement.  What images do these words conjure up in your mind?  How many times in your life have you heard the IDEAL MAN described this way?  Probably NONE right?  That’s because not many people, let alone women themselves and especially the media, really understand what it is that women find attractive in a man.

We have been programmed and conditioned to think and believe that women want someone who is nice, caring, thoughtful, respectful, funny, someone they can take home to meet their parents and on and on…  Yet, we constantly see women dating and even MARRYING, bad bastards who treat them terribly, are not caring or thoughtful and seem to drag them down into the depths of despair.

Why is it we are conditioned to believe one thing, yet the REALITY is very, VERY DIFFERENT?

Because there is a lack of understanding about the PRIMAL INSTINCTS that ALL women have been programmed with!

Here at Suave Man, I’m going to help you understand these instincts and the emotional and psychological programming of women, so you know what they’re attracted to in a man. Then you can modify your character and behaviour to become that man!

Your success with women has nothing to do with knowing the RIGHT things to SAY, the RIGHT things to DO or the RIGHT things to HAVE.  You don’t need to try and become the IDEAL man that society has proclaimed to be ideal.  None of these things matter one damn bit.  Not if you want REAL SUCCESS.

REAL SUCCESS comes by changing your character, attitudes, behaviour and beliefs to become the REAL ideal man.  A DOMINANT, POWERFUL, MASCULINE ALPHA MALE who ALSO possesses ‘NICE GUY’ qualities.  THE SUAVE MAN!!  That man is the guy in the opening statement.  This is the man we are going to focus on and train and re-program you to become.

And trust me …  If women DO NOT find you attractive right now, it WILL take training and re-programming.  But it’s worthwhile and the benefits far outweigh the discomfort of changing yourself.  Would you rather be doing what you’ve been doing so far, getting nowhere or not nearly as far as you would like with the ladies?

Or do you want to be the guy that women flock to in droves, trying to get close to you, trying to be the ONE to be with you and trying to get YOU into their beds?!

Then continue to visit The Suave Man and learn how to attract women, what makes certain men irresistible to the ladies and how YOU can succeed with them.  Learn to be THE SUAVE MAN!!