How To Get A Womans Number, AND Make Sure That It’s REAL

How many times have you asked for a woman’s phone number, only to have her flat out refuse and say NO?  Or, has she given you A number, but when you call, you find out that it isn’t real?

If you answered YES, then I completely understand what you have been through.

You see, before I learned the secrets of meeting and attracting women, I would quite often find myself in this situation.  There were a few times where I asked, and I got a number.  It was a real buzz and felt GREAT at the time, but then I’d call later, only to find out that it was false.  There were other times though, where I’d ask a woman for her number, only to be REJECTED right there and then.  And sometimes, the women were devastatingly MEAN!

What a confidence KILLER man!  I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that it’s a real CRUSH to the ego, not to mention the humiliation and embarrassment you suffer.  Sometimes, that can completely destroy a man’s confidence and desire to try again.

I want to assure you though, that it doesn’t have to be this way.  If you follow a couple simple rules, and stick to the system of generating and triggering attraction in women first, then you can most definitely get ANY woman’s number, and NEVER have to suffer like that again.

I’m going to show you a couple of simple things you can do, to ensure that you ALWAYS get a number, and also, make sure that number is ALWAYS REAL.

Firstly though, it’s important for you to realize, that ASKING for a number is NOT the way to get numbers.  Asking a woman for her number is like asking her if she thinks you are attractive enough, and valuable enough, for her to consider if you are worthy of a CHANCE to be a part of her life.  Women DO NOT respond well to men who behave this way.  It is weak, insecure and unattractive behavior.

Remember that women respond favorably to confident, relaxed, powerful, dominant Alpha Males.  Alpha Males don’t ASK for numbers.  Alpha Males GET numbers.  We get numbers by being confident, relaxed and easygoing, yet direct and forthright.

Saying “Could I please have your number?” is nowhere near as effective as “Hey, it’s been cool meeting you.  We should get together some time and go do something fun.  What’s your number?”

Can you see the difference?

The first is a request, and implies that you need to ask because you feel you NEED her permission to hang out again.  This gives the woman the impression that you value yourself LOWER than her.  Remember, women don’t like to date men who have a perceived LOWER value than themselves.  Women only want to date men who have an equal or greater value.  Requests leave room for rejection.  Don’t open yourself up for rejection.

The other, is a statement, and implies that you are a man who values YOURSELF highly and want to SHARE yourself and your time with her.  It shows that you are interested in getting to know her better, that it could be fun to do that, and you are confident and direct enough to go after what you want – but on YOUR terms, not hers.  This sub-consciously says to her that you are a confident, take charge, high status, high value man, and giving you her number could be the START of something GREAT.  Besides all that, statements are also harder to reject.

So the first rule to follow when getting a number is:  Don’t Ask.  Make a statement that is hard to refuse.

Here are a couple examples you can try out:

  • “Its been great talking to you, I’ve really enjoyed our conversation.  We should carry on over a coffee some other time, give me your number and I’ll call you.”
  • “So we’ll have to see how good you really are at (whatever she says she’s good at), I’ll grab your number and we’ll go do it sometime.”
  • It’s been cool meeting you.  You seem like a really fun person.  Give me your number and we”ll go do something fun sometime.”

The second rule to follow when getting a number is:  ALWAYS check that the number is real or false BEFORE you part.

There is a really simple test I use to make sure the number I have been given is real or not.  All I do is repeat the number back to her straight after she gives it to me.  But instead of saying the last number, I’ll give her back a different last number.  E.g. she says 0271234567, and I’ll say 0271234562.

If she has given you her real number, she will correct you straight away.  If she doesn’t correct you, then you know she has given you a bogus number.  Don’t be angry or upset at her.  Just call her out on it right there and then, playfully hit her, give her a wink and a smile, tell her you understand and say “you can never be too safe”, and move on.  Go meet someone new or hang out with women you already know.

It’s pointless trying to convince her to give you her number.  If you have a high enough social value she’ll be wanting to give you her real number soon enough anyway.

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Have fun trying these tips out.

All the best