How To Get Your EX Back

So your girl has told you it’s over.  You’re aching inside and feel like life just isn’t worth living without her.

Everywhere you look, things remind you of your time together.  Every time you turn on the radio a bloody song comes on that gets you thinking of her again.

You’re hurting so much that you feel like the pain is taking over your life.  You can’t concentrate, you’re not eating or sleeping properly.  Shit, other women probably don’t even seem attractive to you anymore either!

And, you keep telling yourself that everything would be fine if you could just make her love you again.

So you hatch a plan.  You decide that you will be romantic and profess your undying love to her.  You shower her with gifts and send her flowers and poetry that lets her know how much she means to you.  You tell her friends how much you miss her and that you’d do ANYTHING for her.

She’s being resistant to your advances – actually, shes starting to get really annoyed and abrasive towards you – but you know that if you persist she will eventually realize how much of a good catch you are and take you back again.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Before I learned what I know now, my partner of 7 years broke up with me.  I went through this exact situation with that exact same scenario.  And you know what?  My plan to romance and woo her never worked.

You know why?  Because I had NO understanding whatsoever about what women are REALLY attracted to and why behaving the way I did actually pushed her further away from me.

If you are going through the same thing at the moment, then I know exactly what you’re going through right now.  Believe me I know firsthand what that pain and suffering feels like.

And since I’ve been there myself and know exactly what it feels like, I’m going to say this to you;  Get a grip on your emotions, drop your ego and STOP BEING DESPERATE!

Let me assure you that there IS a way you can get your ex back.

But that way is NOT by telling her how much you love her, how much life sucks without her or that you can’t go on living without her in your life.  You won’t get her back by showering her with gifts, flowers and poetry.  That’s just pure desperation.

Remember this, it’s IMPORTANT:  Desperation is an attraction KILLER!

This is what you NEED to do RIGHT NOW.  You need to get yourself together and start IMPROVING yourself.  And if you think you don’t need improving, then why doesn’t your woman want to be with you anymore?

So how do you start improving yourself?  Simple – you need to start LEARNING.

This isn’t about you improving by trying to make more money, or buying new clothes, cars, houses, jewelery or anything like that.  This is about you learning WHAT, WHY and HOW!

You need to learn WHAT women find attractive in men.  You need to learn WHY women are attracted to those things and you need to learn HOW to behave to generate maximum attraction in women.  Once you have learned those things then you need to be able to implement the proper changes in your personality and behavior traits to make yourself a highly desirable man.

Carrying on like a desperate, needy little wuss just isn’t going to cut it!

So, I want you to start learning the WHAT, WHY and HOW about attracting women.  Once you know this knowledge and have implemented the proper changes to your personality and behavior traits, I promise you, you can have ANY woman you want.

Have a good look around this site.  There is plenty of information and links to resources that can really help you in your quest for love – or lust.  Learn what and why women are attracted to certain qualities in a man, then learn how to implement those qualities in your own life so you can be a highly desirable and successful ladies man.

Stay tuned for more detailed information and advice about How To Get Your Ex Back.  If you really can’t wait till later to get your ex back, then you better check out How To Get A Girl Back In 30 Days or Less right now.

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Tips For Flirting

When you’re talking to a girl and want to make her attracted, it’s important to know how to create sexual tension. This is very important if you want to know how to attract women.  Without it, you don’t have much of a chance to spark the kind of interest that’s necessary to get her number, go on a date OR make her want to know you better.  To help you out, let me give you THREE quick tips for flirting that’ll help you quickly enhance any flirty conversation.

#1- Use Body Language
It’s commonly said that 90% of what we say is done through our body language.  When flirting with a woman, your non-verbal communication needs to tell women that you’re a high status male that is comfortable in a social situation.  Furthermore, ALL your gestures, movements, and actions should subtly demonstrate a confident and charming attitude.

#2- Tease and Use Humor
A great tip for flirting is to TEASE every time you’re talking to a woman.   Now this is something that a lot of men get wrong.  When using humor in a conversation, you want to joke around in a manner that IS teasing her, but also making her laugh at the same time.  It’s pretty similar to the “assumed familiarity” you would show around your friends.  By interjecting humor into a conversation, you’re avoiding the standard, awkward conversation that most guys attempt when they’re first meet a girl.

#3- Be Fun
The final element to flirting with a woman is to be fun.  Many men forget that talking to a girl for the first time should be ENJOYABLE.  Instead of having fun, a lot of guys ask “interview-like” questions and come across as a stuffy and boring.
When you’re flirting with a girl, you want talk about topics that interest you, participate in flirty games, and playfully banter.  Just remember that it’s much easier to attract a woman if she’s laughing and having fun around you.
So the next time you’re talking to a woman, try to use ALL 3 of the tips for flirting that I discussed in this article.  You’ll find that it’s pretty easy to quickly create a fun, sexual vibe that can quickly make her attracted!


Impressing A Girl

Do you want to know how to attract women? Do you need help with impressing a girl?
It’s not that hard to impress a girl.  The simple truth is most girls are looking for ONLY a few qualities in the guys that they want to date.  They key here is to know how to stand out from the crowd in a specific way, while showing that you’re an awesome guy that’s worth dating.  In the following paragraphs, I’ll review a few of my proven techniques for impressing a girl:

#1- Be a Unique Person
One of the BEST ways to make an impression with a girl is to stand apart from other guys.  The sad truth is we live in a society where everybody tries to blend in and conform to the expectations of others.  If you really want to make an impression, you’ll want to develop a personality and look that makes you completely unique.
Having your OWN identity and way of looking at the world is naturally seductive to girls.  Many dream of being with guys who are passionate, with a bit of an edge.  And the best way to fulfill this fantasy is to become the type of man who provides a hint of excitement.

#2- Know How to Use Humor
Humor is the cornerstone for attracting a girl.  So if you want to impress her, you’ll want to TEASE in a friendly manner when you’re around her.
Now this is something that many guys get wrong.  When using humor in a conversation, you’ll want to joke around, while ALSO flirting and creating sexual tension.  It’s similar to the “assumed familiarity” attitude you have around your friends.  By interjecting humor into a conversation, you’ll impress her by NOT being afraid to be yourself.

#3- Be a Fun Guy
The final tip for impressing a girl is to be fun.  Many guys forget that dating someone is supposed to be ENJOYABLE.  Instead of acting like themselves, they bore girls to tears with “interview” questions and behaving in a boring, stuffy manner.
If you want to impress a girl, you have to do things that’ll make her laugh and have fun.  So talk about topics that interest you, play flirty games, and jokingly banter.  If she’s laughing and having fun, then she’ll be impressed.
Impressing a girl doesn’t require that much of an effort.  Simply use ALL 3 of the tips that I discussed and she’ll be quickly attracted to your unique, fun personality.