Love Tips – How To Successfully Pick Up Girls

If you want to be successful with attracting and picking up girls, there are a number of things you can do to make women like you. I will mention a few of these male traits that are attractive to women.

Firstly, unknown to most guys, most girls are turned off by needy men. Needy men are guys who are always at the beck and call of girls, wanting to please them desperately and will do almost anything for them. They will call the girls everyday to tell them how pretty they are and shower them with gifts. They also get jealous easily over their girls.

This is because girls want their potential mates or mates to be of strong character. They want their men who are emotionally dependable so that can protect them in times of need. Of course, this categorization is instinctive and women themselves will also not know why. That is why when you ask a woman what they want in a man, they can’t give you this answer.

In a series of social studies, researchers threw parties for singles and observed that some men do pick up girls and ended up sending the girls home and begin dating them while others do not. The aim is to understand why the girls chose certain types of men and what did these guys who were chosen have in common with each other.

The guys who were successful in picking up the girls showed very attractive male attributes because they are very confident in themselves and need not to desperately please the girls. Women admire and are attracted to men who are confident in themselves. Self confidence is portrayed by the way you conduct yourself such as the way you walk and the way you interact with people.

So in most cases, women will be naturally dismissive of such guys. This is because women instinctively perceived wussies as men who are unable to stand up for her or to protect her adequately when need to. Women on the subconscious level are looking for mates to take care of her and her offspring.

So if you want to successfully attract and pick up girls, you have to build up your self confidence and not to appear too wanting to please them. If you can project that image to girls, you will probably have women swarming all over you. That then is a happy problem, isn’t it?

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Tips On How To Pick-up Girls

If you’ve always wanted to know how to attract women and you’ve seen one or more dating gurus spouting tips on how to pick up girls, you might be thinking of a way to jumpstart your own seduction plans and be the hot guy that any girl would want to date. The fastest way to learn how seduction works is to read some tips on how to pick up girls. There are more seduction experts than you can imagine, and almost all of these guys have been out there promoting their dating programs and classes.
Here’s the deep truth about listening to pick up advice: you have to take everything with a grain of salt. This means you have to test the tip a few times, find out if it works for you and ditch it if it doesn’t. You need to make every tip, every opener and every conversation routine your own before you can start seducing women.
Having said that, here are some tips on how to pick up girls you can test today.

1. Make saying hello a habit, and I don’t just mean to women you want to date.
Women are everywhere: in the gym, in the supermarket and in the cafeteria. If you start this habit now, you will feel more comfortable around women when it’s time to go on your pick up mode. Being social is habit-forming, and it’s a habit you want to start ASAP.

2. Don’t go for the lay, go for the interaction.
You know you want to get laid, but a sure way of not getting some is thinking about the results first before approaching women. Body language is a funny thing, and women are more intuitive than we think. If you think of scoring when you approach, everything that you say and do will reflect your thoughts.


Why Women Leave Their Men

There is a lot of confusion among men as to why women leave them.  Along with the pain, suffering and humiliation that goes along with being dumped, it’s also the confusion and lack of understanding and knowledge about WHY their women have left them, that leaves men baffled.

So I want to give you a quick insight into this age old scenario.

So here’s the situation:  Your girl has just told you that it’s over.  She needs time and space to herself.  Don’t worry it’s got nothing to do with you, you’re great, it’s just that I don’t know what’s wrong with me she says, “I just don’t have time for a relationship at the moment.”  Then the next thing you know, it’s a couple of days later and she’s already with another guy!

What the hell?  I thought she just said she doesn’t have time for a relationship?  How could she break my heart like that and so callously lie to my face you are thinking?

Because, here’s the thing; what she REALLY meant, was that she doesn’t have time for a relationship with YOU!  And you know why?  Because more than likely you’ve been behaving in a way that has become BORING and PREDICTABLE to her, and you are NOT a strong, powerful, dominant Alpha Male.  She just doesn’t FEEL any chemistry or attraction for you anymore.

Now I don’t know you personally, but I’ve seen this situation enough times to know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the reason why women leave men.  Women don’t leave men because they behave badly, treat their women like shit, cheat on them or whatever other reason you can think of.

No, MOST women usually end up leaving their men because those men start behaving in a weak, boring and predictable manner.  The men have become boring to be with, and weak in nature.  The men have usually started handing over control – or worse, allowed the women to TAKE control away from them.  Absolutely NOT what women are looking for in a man!

Even if it’s just the little things,  like what to have for dinner, where to go or what to do.  If the man is NOT leading the way, making decisions and taking control then the woman has NO choice but to do it herself.  And when this happens, the man’s value in the eyes of the woman starts to diminish, and then so does his attractiveness.  He has become weak, boring and predictable – things that women HATE more than cheating and beatings.

That’s why MOST women don’t leave their men if they catch him cheating.  He obviously has value and attractiveness in the eyes of another women, which gives him value and attractiveness in her eyes.  Sure she’s going to be pissed as anything and you will be hard pushed to get anything from her for awhile, BUT …  If he usually leads the way and takes control in their relationship, she won’t leave!

On the other hand, if the man is constantly leaving the decision making up to the woman, fails to take control of the little things in the relationship – as well as the big things – and would rather sit around home and watch sports all night long, then the woman is going to find him less valuable and far less attractive.

So if you want your woman – or women – to constantly find you attractive and valuable, then you need to start behaving like a man of true value, of true power.  You need to start behaving like a dominant, strong and powerful Alpha Male.

When you behave in a strong and powerful manner, you will be displaying characteristics that ALL women are subconsciously programmed to be attracted to.  Because this attraction is on a subconscious level, women have no control over how they FEEL towards a man who possesses these qualities.

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And remember; take control in your relationships, make decisions and behave in a strong and powerful manner.  This will be a great start to you being a highly valuable and attractive man.

All the best