New Look & Mobile Responsive Theme

Hey there guys, just a quick heads up: I’ve been working on using a new layout design and getting the site optimized for mobile use, so you can now check out our website while you’re on the go!

Over the next few days, you may see the layout and different elements change a few times as we try out different things. I’m still testing a new theme structure as well, which means there MAY (hopefully not though) be a couple of glitches to iron out along the way.

I just want to thank you in advance for your patience and hope you like the new look 🙂

I’d really appreciate any feedback you may have as well, so please feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

Cheers guys!


“The 13 Suave Rules” Page Re-named And Relocated

Hey there guys.

For those of you who are regular readers and visitors to The Suave Man, then you will have no doubt seen or read The 13 Suave Rules.

Well I just want to let you know that I’ve renamed and relocated them to the new, The Suave Commandments page.

For those of you who are first time visitors to this website, I highly recommend you read and study them.  They are the very basic, core attitude and behavior traits that will help you to not only become more successful at attracting and succeeding with women, but also develop into the best man you can be.

All the best guys



Introduction To New Video Section

Hey there guys.  I’d like to wish you all a happy new year, and I hope this year brings you all the success with women that you dream of.

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m introducing a new Video Section on the site.  I’ll be posting a wide variety of YouTube videos that I think will be of great benefit to you in building your own skill sets.

I hope that you can get some great tips and ideas, and find these videos useful and valuable.

All the best