The Suave Commandments

If you are hoping to have any sort of success with women in your lifetime, then it’s VITALLY important that you understand the “Rules of The Game.”

Many people fail to acknowledge, or live in denial that attracting the opposite sex IS a game, and that there ARE rules that govern this “Game”.

What they fail to realize is, ALL areas of life have certain “rules” that govern the systems that control them.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the area of health, wealth, leisure, happiness or love, every one of these aspects of life ARE undoubtedly controlled by rules.

What determines someones success in any particular area of life – and separates the winners from the losers – is that person’s ability to learn the “Rules of The Game” AND apply them in their life.

Someone who is trying to improve their health and fitness must obviously learn and apply the “rules” of health. They must adopt the correct lifestyle, eating and training principles if they hope to achieve their goals.

The same applies if someone is trying to improve their finances.  They must adopt and apply the correct money management skills if they hope to achieve their goals.

The Game of Love is no different, and also has it’s own set of rules that must be learned and applied if there is to be any hope of achieving your goals.

Learn, Follow and Apply these “rules” in your dating life, so you can Meet, Attract, Seduce and Succeed with ANY Women you desire.   THE SUAVE COMMANDMENTS:


1: Thou Shalt Become Your IDEAL Self First

Thou Shalt Become Your IDEAL Self First.

Focus on developing and enhancing your self esteem, attractive characteristics, behavior traits and belief systems (your inner game), and building your skill sets (your outer game), BEFORE trying to find “THE One.”

Only by developing yourself FIRST, will you be ready for the right woman when she comes along, and be successful in “The Game of Love  In order to become The Master, you MUST train FIRST.  That means theory AND practical training.


2: Thou Shalt Be A Relaxed, Confident, Decisive & Dominant Alpha Male

Thou Shalt Be A Relaxed Yet Confident, Decisive, Dominant Alpha Male.

You must remain relaxed, and cool not matter what you are doing, or who you are with, for this is an important trait of an Alpha Male.  Develop the type of supreme self confidence that enables you to do, be, say and have whatever you want in life.

Having the ability to take control of ANY situation in your life, and influence others to follow, is a highly attractive quality to possess.  Women are instinctively and sub-consciously programmed to respond to men who have the balls to lead the way, make decisions and be dominant.  Women FOLLOW – and WANT to have sex with – men who are Dominant Alpha Males.

Men who are rich, or famous, or really good looking can SOMETIMES get women.  But … The Alpha Male can ALWAYS get women.