2: Thou Shalt Be A Relaxed, Confident, Decisive & Dominant Alpha Male

Thou Shalt Be A Relaxed Yet Confident, Decisive, Dominant Alpha Male.

You must remain relaxed, and cool not matter what you are doing, or who you are with, for this is an important trait of an Alpha Male.  Develop the type of supreme self confidence that enables you to do, be, say and have whatever you want in life.

Having the ability to take control of ANY situation in your life, and influence others to follow, is a highly attractive quality to possess.  Women are instinctively and sub-consciously programmed to respond to men who have the balls to lead the way, make decisions and be dominant.  Women FOLLOW – and WANT to have sex with – men who are Dominant Alpha Males.

Men who are rich, or famous, or really good looking can SOMETIMES get women.  But … The Alpha Male can ALWAYS get women.