5: Thou Shalt Learn To Pay Attention, Observe And Gain Information

Thou Shalt Learn To Pay Attention, Observe and Gain Information.

Pay attention and take notice of the little things that can tell you A LOT about a woman.  Average guys are usually too focused on their OWN thoughts and feelings (usually thoughts of fear, insecurity, unworthiness, rejection and failure) to pay attention to the subtle little cues, and nuggets of information that could help them approach women.  By paying closer attention, you not only gain useful information to help in your approach, but you also refocus your energy on planning for success, instead of thinking about failure.

Some things to look out for are: wedding rings, is she with friends, is she popular, is she intimate with another man, is she enjoying herself, what is she drinking, does she dance, does she look bored or lonely, is she the “third wheel” etc.