6: Thou Shalt ALWAYS Be “Cocky And Funny”

Thou Shalt ALWAYS Be “Cocky and Funny.”

Behaving with that irresistible blend of relaxed, fun-loving confidence (cocky), and teasing humor (funny), can make you refreshingly unique, unforgettable, highly attractive and desirably sexy.  In a world where men are constantly bombarding women with insincere compliments with the intention of “winning” their approval (trying to get in their pants), you will immediately stand out from the crowd and throngs of “losers” by saying things that no other man dare say.

By having the confidence and balls to say something like: “Look, I know I’m a hottie, but you really need to stop trying to seduce me”, is far more powerful and attractive than saying the same old boring things like “ohh, you have such beautiful eyes”.  BORING!  Behave in a confidently relaxed, fun-loving manner while teasing and making off-the-cuff, cocky comments.