13: Thou Shalt Learn to Handle And Accept Rejection

Thou Shalt Learn to Handle and Accept Rejection.

Every single one of us, at one time or another, has, or is going to experience rejection.   The best thing to do when you are rejected is, remain confidently relaxed, smile, say “that’s ok, see ya round”, and walk away.

Don’t be bitter – just accept that’s how it is.  It’s her loss, not yours, and she just missed out on having a great time with an AWESOME guy.  Once you learn to accept that not ALL women are going to be attracted to you, and you become comfortable with hearing “no”, then your fear of rejection will disappear.  Once that fear disappears, it’s like the flood gates open up, and rejection becomes less and less a part of your life.

Part of the learning process though, and a necessary aspect of building your skills, is experiencing rejection.  Just remember, it takes time to desensitize yourself, but like I said, a necessary aspect of building your skills.  Approach women with an open mind, and if they do reject you, just remember it’s nothing personal.  Actively seek rejection, for the more rejection you experience, the less rejection seems to come your way.

These are the “commandments” I have used to help guide me in “The Game of Love”.  They have served me well and helped me enjoy HUGE success with women.  I hope these “commandments” can help you can gain as much success as I have, and guide you on your journey to becoming a SUAVE MAN.