3: Thou Shalt Master Alpha Male Behavior, Body Language & Communication

Thou Shalt Master Alpha Male Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication.

It is imperative to your success, that you learn and master the body language of an Alpha Male, and develop your non-verbal communication skills. 

  • Smile Often.   Smiling is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of The Suave Man.  Be a master of the Smile, and watch as women let their guards down and open up to you.  Remember, smiling displays confidence, positivity and friendliness, and helps build comfort and rapport, two very necessary aspects of attraction and seduction.
  • Use Strong, Direct Eye Contact.   Having the ability and courage to look women directly in the eyes, is another one of the most powerful weapons in The Suave Man’s arsenal.  Strong eye contact portrays to women that you possess highly attractive Alpha Male qualities, and demonstrates that you have extremely high self confidence.
  • Stand Strong and BE Powerful. The way in which you hold yourself, portrays so much about how you feel, and WHAT you think of yourself.  Most average guys display weak body language (eyes down, arms folded, shoulders slouched etc).  To be a powerful Suave Man, stand strong, hold yourself upright, shoulders back, chin up.  Stand tall.   Be proud.

4: Thou Shalt Be Unpredictable

Thou Shalt Be Unpredictable.

Women absolutely LOVE men they cannot predict.  You should always aim to change things up every now and then.  Change your hairstyle, your outfit and your cologne regularly to appear varied and unpredictable.  Sometimes be finely and sharply dressed, and other times be scruffy.  Or be cleanly shaven for awhile, then be unshaven and rugged.

Even change your behavior.   One day be really understanding, tender and loving.  The next day be cheeky, tease and make fun of her.  The main thing is to keep changing things up.

Keep women guessing and you will NEVER seem boring.


5: Thou Shalt Learn To Pay Attention, Observe And Gain Information

Thou Shalt Learn To Pay Attention, Observe and Gain Information.

Pay attention and take notice of the little things that can tell you A LOT about a woman.  Average guys are usually too focused on their OWN thoughts and feelings (usually thoughts of fear, insecurity, unworthiness, rejection and failure) to pay attention to the subtle little cues, and nuggets of information that could help them approach women.  By paying closer attention, you not only gain useful information to help in your approach, but you also refocus your energy on planning for success, instead of thinking about failure.

Some things to look out for are: wedding rings, is she with friends, is she popular, is she intimate with another man, is she enjoying herself, what is she drinking, does she dance, does she look bored or lonely, is she the “third wheel” etc.