6: Thou Shalt ALWAYS Be “Cocky And Funny”

Thou Shalt ALWAYS Be “Cocky and Funny.”

Behaving with that irresistible blend of relaxed, fun-loving confidence (cocky), and teasing humor (funny), can make you refreshingly unique, unforgettable, highly attractive and desirably sexy.  In a world where men are constantly bombarding women with insincere compliments with the intention of “winning” their approval (trying to get in their pants), you will immediately stand out from the crowd and throngs of “losers” by saying things that no other man dare say.

By having the confidence and balls to say something like: “Look, I know I’m a hottie, but you really need to stop trying to seduce me”, is far more powerful and attractive than saying the same old boring things like “ohh, you have such beautiful eyes”.  BORING!  Behave in a confidently relaxed, fun-loving manner while teasing and making off-the-cuff, cocky comments.


7: Thou Shalt Always APPEAR To Be Busy

Thou Shalt Always APPEAR to be Busy.

Women are attracted to men who have depth and many different aspects to their lives, with lots of things going on.  It shows that you have good social skills and social value, and makes you seem far more interesting – compared to someone who has nothing going on, and leads a dull, boring life.

If you want a woman to BELIEVE that you are a man of value, then it is vitally important that she thinks you lead a busy, exciting and rewarding life.  Nothing is more unattractive, than a man who has NO interests, hobbies or passions of his own.

So if a woman ever asks you “what are you doing?”, never say “ohh nothing.” Even if you aren’t busy, say you are and give the APPEARANCE that you ARE a busy person.


8: Thou Shalt Touch The Ladies

Thou Shalt Touch The Ladies.

Use touch (Kino) as early as you can, and as much as possible.  It is one of THE most powerful things you can do to attract and seduce women.  Now, this DOES NOT mean you grope and grab women.

This simply means that you use APPROPRIATE touching to build comfort and rapport, establish a connection and create an immediate bond with a woman, and when the time is RIGHT, to escalate attraction and move your encounters and interactions to an intimate, physical level.