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Hey, I’m Baden Maxwell.  I’m happily married to an absolutely gorgeous woman, but before I met my wife, I spent a long period of time enjoying the company of MANY different, beautiful ladies.

28/08/08. Our Wedding Day in Rarotonga

I’ve been extremely successful with women since 1999/2000.  I learned and applied certain attraction principles in my life, that helped change my beliefs and understanding about what women are REALLY looking for in a man.  By doing this, I have experienced and enjoyed an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling journey of discovery.

A journey that most men never get to experience.  A journey of self discovery, but more importantly though, of discovering the TRUTH about what women find attractive, and being able to apply this knowledge to attract ANY woman I wanted.

I want you to realize though, that I haven’t always enjoyed success.  In fact, for many years I was an average, frustrated WUSS of a man.

I always had women in my life, but I had NO IDEA what I did to attract them.  And what was worse, was I had no idea whatsoever, about WHAT I did that CAUSED them to lose interest, and eventually despise me.

You see, I just thought that time had made us grow apart, or that we were incompatible, or a huge list of other factors that weren’t my fault.  But it was my fault!  I FAILED to realize that it was my beliefs, behaviour and attitudes that caused the women to eventually grow tired of my sorry ass.

And sorry it was!

I had NO IDEA that it was my belief and misguided knowledge about what women find attractive, that caused my women to leave me.  I didn’t realize that it was my sub-conscious programming and behavior that REPELLED women from me.  I falsely believed that women wanted me to be accommodating, overly courteous, too nice and place them on a pedestal, treat them like a princess and worship them – all at the expense of my own comfort and happiness.

I used to behave like a NEEDY, INSECURE little wuss, who needed constant validation and reassurance.  I NEEDED the women in my life to reassure me I was the one they wanted, I NEEDED them to tell me I was sexy, I NEEDED to know I was desirable, I NEEDED to keep them happy – I NEEDED, I NEEDED I NEEDED!!!

I also failed to take control of my life, and the lives of those who loved me.  I left ALL the decision making to my women.  I took away their god given right to feel safe, secure and loved, because I was being WEAK and INDECISIVE.  Because of my weakness, indecisiveness, insecurity and neediness, I pushed them out of my life by NOT providing what they desperately wanted from me.  Some DOMINANCE, AUTHORITY, LEADERSHIP and EXCITEMENT.


Once I learned the truth about attraction though, and applied it in my life, EVERYTHING changed.  I eventually became more of a MAN.  The type of man that women are extremely attracted to and will do ANYTHING to have in their lives.

Not only was I enjoying having more sex, and having my PICK of whoever I wanted, but I was enjoying having more DESIRABLE women.  The sort of women that only a small percentage of men get to have.  The sort of women MOST MEN only dream about having.  The sort of women only reserved for the rich, famous, good looking and powerful men of this world.

My whole life changed too, not just my sex life and relationships with women.  I found that I had become more authoritative and decisive.  I could take charge and lead the way.  I had the courage to back my opinions and take a stand for things I believed in.  Most importantly, I had grown the BALLS to handle ANY situation, particularly mistreatment from ANYONE, and especially from women!

I gained CONTROL of myself and my life!  Everything in my life became more joyous and successful, and I was loving every minute of it.

Mar 2009. Expecting Our 1st Child In A Month

One night while I was with some of my friends, and listening to them moan about their troubles attracting women, I decided I’d had enough of watching other men fail miserably.

I decided that I want to help as many guys as possible, feel what I feel on a daily basis.  I want to help guys become GREAT with women.

So I decided to set this website up to share my experiences, my knowledge and my understanding of what I’ve found women want in a man.  I want to show you HOW and WHAT you can do, to become successful with women, and provide you with the resources that CAN really make a difference in your relationships.

But more than that, I really want to help you gain the skills that will allow you to gain FULL control of your life so you can be the best possible YOU!

If you would like to learn how to change your life for the better, and discover all the powerful secrets to attracting and succeeding with women, then join me at Suave Man.

Start YOUR journey of discovery, learn and apply the same principles I did to turn my life around.  Gain control of YOUR life, and experience what MOST men never will … Become a SUAVE MAN.


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