Apologies For No Activity

Hey there guys.

I just wanna let you know that I’m sorry for not posting any info lately.  I’ve been having difficulties with my site admin functions and have been unable to access any of my posting capabilities.

Hopefully all the problems have been sorted out properly, and we can carry on without any more issues.  Now that I have my access back, I’ll start working on the next article and get it out within the next couple of days.

Thanks for your patience guys, and once again, sorry for the lack of fresh info.

Looking forward to carrying on



About Baden Maxwell

Baden has been incredibly successful with women since 1999/2000. Suffering a devastating break-up in 1997 when his fiance of 7 years left him, and after enduring 2 years of failure and feeling frustrated and annoyed at his lack of success with the ladies, he vowed to turn his life around! Baden discovered "The Secrets" to becoming an attractive man, and he devoted himself to learning and applying the principles of sexual attraction and relationship success through dedicated study, practice, trial and error. By applying these powerful principles, Baden was able to transform himself into the type of man that women find extremely attractive, highly desirable and incredibly sexy. To become extremely attractive and irresistible to women as well, follow Baden @ Suave-Man.com.
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