About Baden Maxwell

Baden has been incredibly successful with women since 1999/2000. Suffering a devastating break-up in 1997 when his fiance of 7 years left him, and after enduring 2 years of failure and feeling frustrated and annoyed at his lack of success with the ladies, he vowed to turn his life around! Baden discovered "The Secrets" to becoming an attractive man, and he devoted himself to learning and applying the principles of sexual attraction and relationship success through dedicated study, practice, trial and error. By applying these powerful principles, Baden was able to transform himself into the type of man that women find extremely attractive, highly desirable and incredibly sexy. To become extremely attractive and irresistible to women as well, follow Baden @ Suave-Man.com.

“The 13 Suave Rules” Page Re-named And Relocated

Hey there guys.

For those of you who are regular readers and visitors to The Suave Man, then you will have no doubt seen or read The 13 Suave Rules.

Well I just want to let you know that I’ve renamed and relocated them to the new, The Suave Commandments page.

For those of you who are first time visitors to this website, I highly recommend you read and study them.  They are the very basic, core attitude and behavior traits that will help you to not only become more successful at attracting and succeeding with women, but also develop into the best man you can be.

All the best guys



Transform Yourself Into A REAL Man – Part 1

Check-out this video of David Wygant discussing the keys to transforming yourself, and becoming the type of man that women are highly attracted to.

I really like the insight that David has, and highly recommend you check this video out.  I 100% totally agree with everything David talks about, and can testify that these things WORK.

How do I know?  Because these are the SAME things I used to transform myself into the man I am today.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of David’s incredibly insightful lecture.