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Baden has been incredibly successful with women since 1999/2000. Suffering a devastating break-up in 1997 when his fiance of 7 years left him, and after enduring 2 years of failure and feeling frustrated and annoyed at his lack of success with the ladies, he vowed to turn his life around! Baden discovered "The Secrets" to becoming an attractive man, and he devoted himself to learning and applying the principles of sexual attraction and relationship success through dedicated study, practice, trial and error. By applying these powerful principles, Baden was able to transform himself into the type of man that women find extremely attractive, highly desirable and incredibly sexy. To become extremely attractive and irresistible to women as well, follow Baden @ Suave-Man.com.

3 Killer Methods to Create an Unforgettable First Impression


I’m going to share with you 3 KILLER methods that drastically help you make an unforgettable first impression on ANY woman you meet.

These skills are extremely powerful in helping you portray the type of personality that INSTANTLY makes you attractive, interesting and create the perception in their minds that you’re a man with high social value and status.

We’ve all heard over and over again how important first impressions are, especially out in the dating field.

We know that the first thoughts we impress on those we meet and come into contact with are the most critical and have the greatest influence on their perceptions of us. These are the thoughts and emotions that either create an opportunity for greater interaction and a move towards forming a new friendship/relationship, or in killing ANY possiblity of going any further.

But, what makes these first few moments so critical? What do these first several moments have that make them so potent?

Well, whenever we meet someone for the first time, we know absolutely NOTHING about them. Whatever they do or say in those first few moments, we will base our ENTIRE perception of them on those thoughts.

I’m sure you’ve been in many situations where you’ve met someone for the first time and have INSTANTLY been repelled by them.

We all know what it’s like to meet a person who is negative, pessimistic and boring. We can’t wait to get away from them and then when we see them again, we start looking for an escape route.


Because ALL humans naturally want to enjoy happy, joyous, fun and fulfilling experiences. Negative people do not help us achieve those emotions in our lives.

Yes there are many people who DO NOT “naturally” gravitate towards positive and fulfilling emotions. They cut themselves off from enjoyment and happiness with their negativity and block any good from happening to them.

But, deep down inside each and every one of us, we want to experience feelings of joy and happiness. We want to form relationships that spark feelings of fun and excitement within us.

Which is why we are ALL attracted to people who have the ability to create fun, excitement, happiness, positivity and rewarding experiences in our lives.

So, HOW can YOU go about setting a great first impression?


METHOD #1. Be Cool With EVERYONE …. Especially The Men!

It’s vitally important that we are cool with everyone. We need to be able to interact and connect with ALL people. How else can we be popular and portray high social value if we don’t make an effort to befriend, or at least be good to everyone we meet?

Many guys are conditioned to ONLY interact with people they PERCEIVE as cool or attractive. Most of those guys won’t even bother making an effort to get to know women who are less than a 7.

These are guys with LOW value.

Funny thing is, they usually DON’T approach and meet women of lower attractiveness because of their “standards”, yet either CAN’T approach women of higher attractiveness because the girls are “too hot”, or CAN’T attract these women because of their low social value.

They INSTANTLY and unconsciously defeat the whole purpose of meeting new women because of their low social skills and mindset.

And when it comes to other men, these LOW Value Boys think that they need to COMPETE for the attention of women, and either try to “chase” these other men away with their domineering and rude behavior, or resort to violence to try and conquer and “win” their prizes.

They will try to “infiltrate” a “target’s” group and usually through bad behavior, try to chase the men in these groups away from the women they are after. Their attitude is usually one of rudeness, aggressiveness or downright violent.

Not only will this behavior raise the hackles of the males, but it will also SCARE THE WOMEN AWAY!

Women are NEVER pleased by rude men or guys who resort to unprovoked violence. They will NEVER be flattered or comfortable with someone who can’t get along with the men already in their lives.

But like I said, these guys display shockingly low value and are extremely UNATTRACTIVE to women.

So, how do YOU display HIGH value?

Easy, start being “cool” with EVERYONE you meet, especially other men. When you are a high value, confident Alpha Male, other men are no longer competition. They are your allies. A man who has the ability to befriend and get along with other men, and then become a “leader” among those men, is extremely attractive to women.

And a high value man KNOWS the importance of befriending EVERY woman he meets, regardless of beauty and attractiveness.

The more women you meet, the easier it is to display HIGH social value and proof, and therefore, increase your ability to attract and meet women of even higher value, beauty and attractiveness.

Remember that women are attracted to men who are popular and have a high social status, and LOVE to date men who will raise their own social status in the process.

So go out there and be cool with everyone!


METHOD #2. Show Genuine Interest!

This would have to be one of the biggest socializing “laws” out there for me. NOTHING is as flattering as having someone give you their undivided attention. Most people are much more interested in their OWN lives than they are in yours.

Which is why it’s so powerful when YOU give someone your undivided attention, and show genuine interest in them and what they’re saying.

You can make more friends in 2 hours by showing a genuine interest in people than you can in 2 years of trying to get them interested in you.

The key is good listening!

Most people fail to make lasting first impressions or form new friendships because they are too busy thinking of what to say next instead of listening to what the other person is SAYING.

And most guys fail miserably because they are either too busy trying to think of something “cool” to say, get out their next witty one-liner or too focused on their end result (sex) to really care about what is really being said.

Listening is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL, especially when we’re talking to women.

The subjects we choose to talk about are vitally important as well.

Men LOVE to talk about “man” topics: sports, cars, women, sex! We talk about facts, specifications and performance. We are interested in how things work, rather than how they feel.

Women on the other hand, are NOT interested in talking about our favorite topics. They LOVE to share and experience FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. They show genuine interest in others’ stories and experiences.

So, if you want to make a great first impression on women, start listening better to what they’re trying to say to you and work on forming EMOTIONAL connections.



METHOD #3. Be Inquisitive … Lead The Conversation!

The majority of women are used to guiding and leading conversations. Especially when they’re in the company of boring “nice” guys, or domineering fools.

Women are used to asking a bunch of questions, listening and showing genuine interest in conversations. But they will only do this until they lose interest, or become annoyed at having to do ALL the talking.

Most men make the mistake of trying to dominate conversations with their opinions, statements of facts or talking about topics that women are NOT interested in. And the biggie here is that they don’t give the other person an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions.

Put simply … They are self-centered. If you want to lose a woman’s interest FAST, be self-centered!

If you want a woman to enjoy talking with you, show her that unlike the other 99% of men out there, you can take an active interest in what she’s saying. Pay attention to the feelings she shares with you when she talks.

Use those “clues” in the things she says to LEAD the conversation. Ask her more questions about her “clues”, and get her to open up even more to you.

Share your thoughts and feelings as well. One-sided conversations are very rarely fulfilling. Although most of us could talk for hours about our passions and interests, women LOVE talking with men who have the ability to COMMUNICATE BACK to them.

The key point is that you DON’T dominate a conversation, OR let her monopolize it.

Make sure you are inquisitive and that you take a lead in the conversation.


These three methods can help you make lasting impressions on the women you meet. The great thing about them though, is that they don’t just apply to women; they apply to EVERYONE!

They can be used to make new friends, foster new business relationships, succeed at work, or just to make you more popular overall.

If you can master these crucial social skills, there is NO social situation where you can’t create an unforgettable impression on EVERYONE you meet!


Body Language Attraction – How To Use Body Language To Attract Women


Do you want to know the secrets to attracting women WITHOUT having to speak a single word?  Then learn and understand body language attraction.

Imagine for a minute, that you’re standing alone at a bar.  You glance around the room and see beautiful women all around you.

Now imagine that you exude such a powerful, confident, sexual aura that nearly ALL the women in the joint are giving YOU “the” eye!  You notice that these women all have a certain look on their faces – a longing, lustful look with twinkles in their eyes!

They’re displaying strong signs of attraction towards you, and you can see that you could have ANY one of these gorgeous girls.  The ladies are finding you IRRESISTIBLE : )

And you haven’t even spoken a single word to any one of them!

Can you imagine yourself in this position?

Well if you can’t, then let me tell you…  It’s absolutely POSSIBLE!

How do I know?  Because it happens to me ALL the time!

Now I’m not telling you this to blow my own trumpet.  I’m highlighting the fact that ANY man can attract women without having to say a single word, just by understanding how to use body language attraction.

Now if you’re a regular visitor to The Suave Man, then you no doubt understand now, how important our own body language is in the game of attraction and seduction.

If this is your first visit though, you may need to understand a couple of things before we can go into the finer details of attracting women through body language.

Firstly, you need to understand a couple of truths about our womanly friends.  I won’t go into deep detail right now, you can check out other articles on our site for more in-depth knowledge.

You do need to understand right now though, that women are subconsciously programmed to respond favorably to certain behavior traits and characteristics in men – Alpha Male traits and characteristics.  If a man displays these traits and characteristics, he can trigger attraction in a woman and she will “feel” attraction – many times against her own good-meaning will – and will make a SUBCONSCIOUS decision that she is attracted to that man.

She WILL “feel” attraction!

Secondly, you need to understand that women are mostly controlled by their “emotions” rather than their conscious, intellectual minds.  They follow their “feelings” when choosing a man, rather than what their logical mind tells them.

That’s why they will willingly go out with a bad boy, yet tell everyone that will listen, that all they want is a nice guy! (Their logical mind tells them that a “nice guy” is good for them, yet they are NOT attracted to them.  They are attracted to “bad-boys” – and they don’t even know why most of the time).  And that’s also why we constantly see gorgeous women dating men who lack good looks, muscular physiques, are not rich or famous, don’t drive fancy sports cars and make us all wonder what the hell she sees in him.

Because that guy has displayed the traits and characteristics that she is subconsciously programmed to respond to, and by doing so, he has triggered attraction in her.

Now this is the point where we can use this information to our advantage.  All we need to do is understand what women are programmed to respond to, and then behave and display those traits that will subconsciously FORCE the ladies to become attracted to us.

Simple aye! : )

Well it is when you understand the why, what and how.

So we’ve just been over WHY and WHAT women are attracted to in a man.  Now lets discover the HOW to be that man.

If you observe guys who are great at attracting women, you will notice that there is a certain “presence” about them.  Their postures are very strong, powerful and confident.  They take up a lot of space, are extremely comfortable in their own skin, completely at ease in their surroundings and have no trouble whatsoever establishing and maintaining strong eye contact with women.   They are cool, calm and collected – especially around beautiful women.

In other words – they ooze sexy manliness!

On the other hand, if you observe guys who do not do attract women well, you will notice that they are often very fidgety, nervous and unsure of their position in their surroundings.  Their postures are usually extremely  weak (stooped shoulders, unbalanced or lopsided) and their body language very defensive (folded arms, hands in pockets, hands behind backs, holding drinks or objects in front of chests, lack of eye contact), and they become absolute nervous wrecks in the presence of beautiful women.

If you want to STOP being one of those guys and become a master of attracting women WITHOUT having to speak a single word, it’s clear to see that you’ve got to ditch the weak, defensive body language and start exhibiting strong, confident Alpha Male body language.

Like I said, simple aye! : )

So here’s a list of Alpha Male traits to adopt into your own posture and body language and things to eliminate that can make you appear weak and unattractive.

Attractive Body Lauguage

  • Stand strong and upright – chest out, shoulders back, back straight, feet slightly further than shoulder width apart, evenly balanced (you don’t have to puff yourself up, just do these things in a natural balanced manner)
  • Do NOT fidget with your hands.  Keep them STILL.  This makes you look like you’re in complete control of yourself (a powerful Alpha Male trait)
  • Occupy a lot of space (when standing, take a strong, wide stance.  When sitting, sit up straight and spread your arms out along the back of your chair with your legs apart.  If you cross your legs, do it like a man and rest your ankle on the opposite knee, NOT knee on knee like a girl)
  • Keep your chin up, eyes forward
  • Move slowly and deliberately
  • Establish and maintain strong eye contact with women (this is another powerful Alpha Male trait.  Beta Males can’t maintain eye contact because they’re intimidated by beautiful women)
  • Smile.  It doesn’t have to be a big cheesy grin.  But it does have to portray that you’re a fun, relaxed and easy going guy (a cheeky grin with a twinkle in your eyes is often plenty to attract women)
  • Wink.  If you’re confident enough, try winking at the ladies.  This is also a powerful attraction method.  There is no mistaking your thoughts about a woman when you wink at her.  If she smiles – or better still, winks back – then you know that you have an opening into getting to know her better.
  • This is not so much a body language trait as it is a mental attitude, but you absolutely MUST BELIEVE that you’re Hot, Sexy and Attractive.  Without this firm belief in yourself, your confidence level will never be at its potent best.  Sure you’ll still be able to attract SOME women, but to attract ALL women, you need to BELIEVE!

Things To Avoid

  • Slouching or poor posture
  • Folded or crossed arms
  • Fidgeting and restlessness
  • Staring at the ground, chin down
  • Wandering eyes, inability to maintain focused eye contact
  • Hands in pockets
  • Holding objects or drinks against your chest
  • Leaning to one side while standing
  • Trying to become smaller than what you are
  • Trying to puff yourself up way too much – this will make you appear insecure and that you’re over-compensating for something.  (We’ve all seen these guys before – walking around with puffed out chests, arms out like they’re carrying huge watermelons under their armpits and looking like gorillas.  DON’T be that guy)!

If you implement the strong points and eliminate the weak points from your own body language traits, then you WILL notice the change of attitude from women towards you.  With diligent effort in eliminating the weak points and making the strong points a natural part of yourself, it won’t be long before women everywhere will begin noticing you and paying you VERY SPECIAL attention.

Now these are by NO means the ONLY things you need to succeed with women.  On the contrary, they are really just the beginning – The Initial Attraction Stage.

To really succeed with women you need to have a solid understanding of how to be the type of man that ALL women want to be with, and fully understand the different stages of attraction and seduction.  You’ll need to have a solid plan of action and be able to effortlessly and seamlessly move from one stage of seduction to the next, until you achieve your goal.

If you really want to boost your success levels with women and become a TRUE master of seduction, then I highly recommend checking out my good friend John Alexander’s Top-Selling course How To Become An Alpha Male.

John explains in full detail how to transform YOURSELF into the type of man that women find irresistible, and become the man you’ve always dreamed of being.  It works, because instead of trying to learn “routines” and memorize “pick-up lines” to attract women, it focuses on changing YOU into the guy that women are naturally attracted to, and makes it EASY for you to get women and sex!

Click Here For The Official “How To Become An Alpha Male” Website

Hope this article opens your mind up to the extremely rewarding world of body language attraction.

All The Best


Apologies & New Start

Hey there everyone.

First I’d just like to apologize for the lack activity on The Suave Man over the past few months.  I’ve been involved in other business interests that have taken up too much of my time and energy.  As a result, something had to give and I ended up neglecting this site.

So I’m sorry for leaving you guys hanging for so long.

Secondly, I’d like to thank you guys for your continued interest and support of The Suave Man, and just want to let you know that I’m back into the swing of things for 2012.

I’ve got a lot more valuable information planned for release this year, and hope you can gain a wealth of knowledge and advice from what I’ve got to share with you.  I’ll be endeavoring to post at least 2 new articles per week, so there should be a ton of value coming your way : )

Remember to put your learning and knowledge to the test, and use it in practical, real-life situations so you can gain valuable experience.  At the end of the day, it’s the experiences that you have that will ultimately help shape you into the type of man you want to become.

So get out there, use the knowledge you learn and enjoy the process of becoming a Suave Man.