From Slob To Suave

Perhaps you have heard the old cliche, “all is fair in love and war?” Well, the “all” bit is only true when self-standards are exceedingly low, and the level of one’s appearance, style, and behavior are next to nil unless, of course, you’re looking for love at Walmart.

The only tail a fellow like this catches is from the back of a woman’s dress as she turns away in indignation to flee the scene. There is no need to give up, go home, and cry in a fetal position if you’re on the receiving end – it’s just time to invest in some self improving endeavors like hygiene, a respectable wardrobe, and some confidence drills. In just a short bit of time, you will transcend your mere-average circumstances and become the alpha you were destined to become. And who could possibly do a better job at imparting this enlightenment to you than James Bond himself (The Sean Connery version, of course).

Check out this infograph that can illuminate your path from Slob to Suave! Thanks to Shaun White from for sharing his work!!


Bio: Shaun White lives in Boise, Idaho and writes humor articles and cartoon illustrations. “From Slob to Suave” was created


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