Impressing A Girl

Do you want to know how to attract women? Do you need help with impressing a girl?
It’s not that hard to impress a girl.  The simple truth is most girls are looking for ONLY a few qualities in the guys that they want to date.  They key here is to know how to stand out from the crowd in a specific way, while showing that you’re an awesome guy that’s worth dating.  In the following paragraphs, I’ll review a few of my proven techniques for impressing a girl:

#1- Be a Unique Person
One of the BEST ways to make an impression with a girl is to stand apart from other guys.  The sad truth is we live in a society where everybody tries to blend in and conform to the expectations of others.  If you really want to make an impression, you’ll want to develop a personality and look that makes you completely unique.
Having your OWN identity and way of looking at the world is naturally seductive to girls.  Many dream of being with guys who are passionate, with a bit of an edge.  And the best way to fulfill this fantasy is to become the type of man who provides a hint of excitement.

#2- Know How to Use Humor
Humor is the cornerstone for attracting a girl.  So if you want to impress her, you’ll want to TEASE in a friendly manner when you’re around her.
Now this is something that many guys get wrong.  When using humor in a conversation, you’ll want to joke around, while ALSO flirting and creating sexual tension.  It’s similar to the “assumed familiarity” attitude you have around your friends.  By interjecting humor into a conversation, you’ll impress her by NOT being afraid to be yourself.

#3- Be a Fun Guy
The final tip for impressing a girl is to be fun.  Many guys forget that dating someone is supposed to be ENJOYABLE.  Instead of acting like themselves, they bore girls to tears with “interview” questions and behaving in a boring, stuffy manner.
If you want to impress a girl, you have to do things that’ll make her laugh and have fun.  So talk about topics that interest you, play flirty games, and jokingly banter.  If she’s laughing and having fun, then she’ll be impressed.
Impressing a girl doesn’t require that much of an effort.  Simply use ALL 3 of the tips that I discussed and she’ll be quickly attracted to your unique, fun personality.

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