Love Tips – How To Successfully Pick Up Girls

If you want to be successful with attracting and picking up girls, there are a number of things you can do to make women like you. I will mention a few of these male traits that are attractive to women.

Firstly, unknown to most guys, most girls are turned off by needy men. Needy men are guys who are always at the beck and call of girls, wanting to please them desperately and will do almost anything for them. They will call the girls everyday to tell them how pretty they are and shower them with gifts. They also get jealous easily over their girls.

This is because girls want their potential mates or mates to be of strong character. They want their men who are emotionally dependable so that can protect them in times of need. Of course, this categorization is instinctive and women themselves will also not know why. That is why when you ask a woman what they want in a man, they can’t give you this answer.

In a series of social studies, researchers threw parties for singles and observed that some men do pick up girls and ended up sending the girls home and begin dating them while others do not. The aim is to understand why the girls chose certain types of men and what did these guys who were chosen have in common with each other.

The guys who were successful in picking up the girls showed very attractive male attributes because they are very confident in themselves and need not to desperately please the girls. Women admire and are attracted to men who are confident in themselves. Self confidence is portrayed by the way you conduct yourself such as the way you walk and the way you interact with people.

So in most cases, women will be naturally dismissive of such guys. This is because women instinctively perceived wussies as men who are unable to stand up for her or to protect her adequately when need to. Women on the subconscious level are looking for mates to take care of her and her offspring.

So if you want to successfully attract and pick up girls, you have to build up your self confidence and not to appear too wanting to please them. If you can project that image to girls, you will probably have women swarming all over you. That then is a happy problem, isn’t it?

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