How to Attract ANY Woman

Imagine … You walk into a crowded bar.  The atmosphere is ELECTRIC.  You can feel the energy surging through your veins.  The room is pumping with heart racing beats and hot, dancing bodies.  Beautiful women are EVERYWHERE.

You work your way around the room, greeting, talking, joking and laughing with a wide variety of friends.  And FLIRTING with beautiful women.  You OWN the room with your powerful, yet relaxed, confident stride and cool, suave behavior.  Women are checking you out – and not just some of them – but ALL of them.  You don’t even have to talk to any of them, you can tell just by the WAY they are looking at you, that you could have ANYONE you wanted.  ANYONE!  You are THE MAN!

How would that make you feel?  Would it make you feel great?  Would you feel you were on top of the world?  Would you feel like you were THE MAN?  Of course you would, and I can tell you firsthand, that it’s one of THE most exhilarating feelings you can ever experience in life.

Having the power to attract the opposite sex, SEXUALLY, is THE most sought after, and pursued power on the face of the planet.  And believe me, it is an awesome power to hold!  Having the ability to attract women at will is life changing, and makes you feel successful, powerful and sexy.

We humans place such high importance on being sexually attractive to the opposite sex.  It is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the survival and prosperous growth of the human race, that males and females attract each other sexually, and pro-create.

Men are constantly thinking about sex and the glory of having beautiful women.  We fantasise, we imagine and we visualize ourselves having the POWER to attract gorgeous women.  We try to learn the right words to say or the right things to do to attract beautiful women.  We constantly try to do things that make our lives better, so women are more attracted to us.

Women are constantly seeking information, products and services that will enhance their beauty in an effort to be more sexually attractive to men.  They dedicate magazines, web-sites, tv programs, development courses and endless other sources to the pursuit of beauty, youth and attracting men.  They publish countless articles and features with titles like  “How to Attract Men”, “How to Keep a Man”, “7 Sure-fire ways to please your man”, “Do these 7 things, and he’ll love you Forever”  and on and on and on.

Sex makes this world go round.

End of story.

Well, beginning actually, if you realize how simple it is to ATTRACT WOMEN.  If you understand what actually TRIGGERS attraction in women, then you can re-program your sub-conscious mind and modify your behavior, so that you OOZE sexual attractiveness.  Then you can have ANY woman you desire.

First, you need to understand that women are not particularly attracted to a “certain type” of man, but rather a man who displays a “certain type” of character and behavior traits.  Just as men are attracted to visual beauty, women are attracted to certain primal behavior traits and characteristics.

This doesn’t mean they like cavemen who like to grunt and hunt.  This simply means, that certain primal male behavior traits TRIGGER attraction in women.  When a man displays these traits, attraction is triggered in a woman and she will be more receptive to spending time with him, and eventually having sex with him .

So what is it that women are attracted to?

Well many things, but to start with, women are attracted to DOMINANT MEN!  They are most attracted to men who display dominant traits in their behavior and character.  Women want to have sex with a dominant man, the alpha male.

Just like all the other animals in the animal kingdom, women too, are attracted to the strongest alpha male types.
They are sub-consciously programmed to mate with the strongest males, to ensure the greatest chance of survival for their offspring.

By understanding this simple fact of human psychology, you can better understand yourself and the changes you might need to make to develop the right characteristics and behavior.  So how do you become a dominant man and have ANY woman you want?

There are a few key character traits that you will need to develop to ensure you become sexually attractive to women.  Confidence, leadership, decisiveness, passion, boldness, courage and personal strength.  These are some of the building blocks and foundation for your success with women.  If you can develop these traits and ingrain them deep inside your sub-conscious self, so they become a NATURAL part of your character, and BLEND them with the traits that women would LIKE a man to possess, then you will experience lasting success.

In our coming lessons, we will concentrate on each of the KEY CHARACTERISTICS, and help you to develop them so you become a NATURAL.  You WILL BE, a Suave Man.


The Fundamentals of being a SUAVE MAN

There is a “type” of  man we are going to focus on, and help you become … He is the “type” that women absolutely LOVE … And LUST … He is a DOMINANT, POWERFUL, MASCULINE ALPHA MALE who is ALSO funny, kind, caring, thoughtful and understanding.  He is THE SUAVE MAN.

The Suave Man is not a bad ass with no respect or manners, but neither is he a wussy, push-over of a guy with no back-bone.  He has a combination of “nice guy” and “bad boy” qualities that make him irresistible to women.

He is a DOMINANT, POWERFUL, MASCULINE  man. A man who can take charge and lead the way in any situation, yet isn’t domineering or controlling.  He is open, friendly, optimistic, positive, fun and happy, yet will take a stand against those who are disrespectful, aggressive or violent.  He has his own opinions, yet lets others have theirs without judging them. He makes all those around him feel GREAT about being with him. 

He is completely comfortable in the presence of ALL women, no matter how beautiful they may be.  He treats them ALL the same way – with a fun, playful confidence and cheeky, flirtatious nature.  He ALWAYS has a cool, calm demeanor.  He makes women feel safe, yet extremely alive.  He enjoys the company of the ladies and they CRAVE to be in his company.  He LOVES women and women LOVE him.

He believes and KNOWS, that he is sexually attractive to women, yet doesn’t behave overly cocky or arrogant.  He knows he’s extremely attractive to women because of the way they treat him. However, he doesn’t need constant validation of his attractiveness nor does he seek it. He doesn’t need to beat his chest, make loud noises or big gestures like the other beta-males either, thinking that women will notice them if they behave like apes.

He understands what women find attractive and his character, attitudes and behaviour are proof that he is a highly attractive man.

I want you to read those paragraphs over and over, until the words sink into your head.  Ingrain those words into your sub-conscious mind and way of thinking, because this is the type of man you should be trying to become.  This is the man that women find extremely attractive and want to be with.

Here is a list of qualities you NEED to commit to developing and reinforcing in your sub-conscious mind.  You need to be

  • Confident
  • A Leader
  • Decisive
  • Strong in Personal Character
  • Funny
  • Passionate
  • Fun-loving
  • Bold
  • Courageous
  • Relaxed
  • Thoughtful
  • Kind
  • Caring
  • Understanding

These are the qualities that will help you become the type of man that ALL women want to be with.  If you can develop and ingrain these qualities into your personality and character, I promise you, you can have ANY women you desire.  Hell, you can have ANYTHING you desire!  You will have the strength of charater to have anything you want.  ANYTHING!!

Many people who are “authorities” on picking up women, or being a pick-up artist, or being a player, or whatever other label you want to put on it, will tell you not all of these qualities are necessary.  This is because they are only concerned with “picking up” women.  It’s only necessary for them to attract women initially, for the purpose of getting sex.

If that’s all you’re after, then by all means, go ahead, but that’s not SUAVE.  I’m not against you getting more sex, shit man, I’m all for that.  It’s the mis-use of this information, that leads to women becoming PREY, rather than PEOPLE, that pisses me off.  More often than not, men who behave this way just want conquests, not relationships.

If you want LASTING success with women, trust me, women will absolutely CRAVE to be with you, and be completely addicted to you, if you develop ALL the qualities on our list.  That’s what will make you a true ladies man, a real deal, SUAVE MAN.