Revealed! The Secret to Sexually Arousing Women

How would it feel if you could easily, sexually arouse ANY woman?  Would having that power make your life more interesting, rewarding and fulfilling?  Would it feel great to know that you can drive a woman CRAZY with lust – ANYTIME you want?

Of course it would.  What straight man wouldn’t want that power?

I remember when I used to DREAM about having the power to drive a woman crazy with lust.  I would lie in bed at night and fantasize about how I would look at her, talk to her, touch her, kiss her and caress her, and how she would magically lust after me.

I have to admit though, that in reality, I had absolutely NO idea how to ACTUALLY get a woman to feel that sort of lust for me.  I falsely believed what most of us guys have been programmed to believe.  And that is, that a woman’s lust is triggered by a man’s ability to make them feel loved and cared for in a romantic way, and also our ability to provide for them in a financial way.  I thought women’s lust had a direct link to how nice we treat them and how generous we are to them.

Boy was I WRONG! And if you believe this, you’re wrong too!

How many of you can relate to the following situation?  You have a woman alone, she seems to be into you and things are going really well.  But when you go to make your move, she pulls away or gives you the cold shoulder.  Huh???  You were so sure you could feel a spark, some chemistry between the two of you.  But now, she just doesn’t seem to be interested in you in an intimate way.  And the more you try to push things along, the more frigid and uptight she becomes.

Many of us have had these experiences – I’ve definitely had my fair share of these encounters, that’s for sure.  And if you haven’t, then you might have to admit to yourself that the reason you haven’t, is because you don’t have the courage, confidence and skills – YET – to get women alone!  (Just being honest guys, but anyway, that’s beside the point).

Well, before I learned what I know now, every time I had a woman, this is EXACTLY what happened to me!  I remember thinking that either the woman just wasn’t a sexual person, or I would feel like I just wasn’t her type (even though she was alone with me?!?).

WRONG once again.

She is human!  Which means she IS sexual! And she HAD decided to be alone with me, which is indication enough that she is interested in taking things further.  What had happened, was that I hadn’t built up enough SEXUAL TENSION, and I had lost control of the situation by NOT being dominant enough.

What I have learned from my study and experiences of sexual attraction, is that women’s lust is actually triggered by something far more primal than romantic notions.  You see, women are subconsciously programmed to respond sexually to a dominant, powerful, masculine man, an alpha male. A man who can trigger feelings of lust and desire in them.

In the past, I failed because I didn’t behave in a powerful, dominant manner, and I never built up enough sexual tension, if any.  I behaved in a weak, timid and insecure manner.  What I should have done, was display strong masculinity, TAKE CONTROL by being dominant and then gradually build sexual tension.  I should have increased the tension, then taken a step back, then increased it again a little further, then stepped back, then increased again, and on and on until the woman just couldn’t stand it any longer.

Most guys fail at the intimacy stage of seduction because they do one of these following two things:  Either they are like I was, and fail to act in time, giving the woman the impression that they’re too weak and timid to make a move. Or, they move too fast, without building enough sexual tension first.  These behaviour traits make the woman FEEL uncomfortable and THINK about her decisions and start to question her actions. 

Women are emotional creatures – and lust is an emotion – so once a woman starts using her logical mind to make decisions, instead of using her emotions to guide her, she no longer feels lust and your chances are pretty much down the drain.

To understand how to sexually arouse women, first we need to understand the differences between men and women when it comes to sexual arousal.

As you know, us men get turned on by VISUAL STIMULATION.  It happens pretty fast, and it doesn’t take much for us to be in the mood. It could be as simple as catching a glimpse of undie gusset or a portion of exposed breast to give us the “schaaawing” feeling in our pants! Once intimacy starts, we like to get to the heart of the matter straight away.  So generally, we rush into the initiation and act of sex.  We like to get straight down to the nitty gritty and get it on as fast as we can.  It’s a linear act for us, get to the goal as fast as possible.

Women on the other hand, get turned on by EMOTIONAL STIMULATION. Their lust is triggered by feelings of tension, namely SEXUAL TENSION.  They LOVE to feel anticipation. They love the feeling of not knowing what or when something is going to happen.  They love to feel sexual tension that builds GRADUALLY.  It’s a wave-like experience for them.  They love to feel it build up, then subside, and build up all over again … And again … And again …  That’s what gets their hormones raging and their blood boiling and THAT is why women are ALWAYS complaining that men don’t take things SLOW enough!

So to sexually arouse women, we need to take things SLOOOOW. Let the experience drag out and the sexual tension build up gradually.  It’s a two steps forward, one step back process.  This is the key to building immense, irresistible sexual attraction and longing. 

We also need to continue to keep things RELAXED and PLAYFUL.  Stop treating intimacy with so much seriousness.  It’s meant to be FUN remember, not a rushed, anxiety filled, stressful situation!

Build tension by taking things slow, going forward, then back, relaxing and carrying on with what you were doing like nothing has happened, then forward and back again.  You kiss her, then stop and continue like nothing has happened.  Then next time you kiss her, kiss for longer and also start to caress her neck, then stop and relax like nothing has happened.  Then kiss her again for longer and more passionately, caressing even further, then stop.

You see the pattern?  Start and stop.  Forward and back.  Each time you begin again, take things a little bit further than the last time.

This is how to sexually arouse a woman.  You want to keep building the sexual tension until she is WANTING to take things further and further, and wanting to do it faster than you’re going.  Keep it playful and fun.  Take your time, enjoy the experience of being intimate and before long, you will both be rolling around getting all hot and sweaty.

So this is the Secret to Sexually Arousing Women.  Now that you know the secret, next time we will focus on some specific methods you can use to build sexual tension and start having women going crazy with lust for you.

All the best with your efforts.  Till next time.


Why Women Love Bad Boys

Why do bad boys get so many ladies?  What is it that they possess that is so appealing to women?  Why are women SOOO attracted to them?  Especially when we constantly hear women say things like:  “I just want a NICE guy”.

Simple:  they do what ever they want, when ever they want to.  They don’t give a shit about what others think or say about them.  They never ask permission to say or do ANYTHING.  They just DO IT!

THAT my friend is what is so attractive.  THAT’S why women LOVE them.  Bad boys are independent, they do what they want and they don’t care about the consequences of their actions.  They answer to no-one, they come and go as they please and they forge their own destiny.

It’s not the stereo-typical bad boy image – the tattoos, hard drinking, hard partying lifestyle that women find attractive.  And it’s NOT that they’re abusive, rude or arrogant that women find them attractive – although women will sometimes tolerate that sort of behaviour IF the guys are appealing enough.

No, it’s the fact that they are direct, to the point, tell it like it is and have the balls to say and do what others are thinking but dare not do.  That is the attractiveness of the bad boy.  They are REAL.  They ACT while others sit and think.  They say what others want to, but don’t have the guts to say.

That attitude makes them seem spontaneous, exciting and dangerous.  Women absolutely LOVE that in a man!

So how do you get the appeal of a bad boy?  More importantly, how do you get the appeal of a bad boy WITHOUT BECOMING BAD?

By having a devil-may-care attitude.  By growing the balls to say and do what you desire.  By being intense, yet totally relaxed – especially about little things that really don’t matter.  By taking your destiny in your own hands, instead of just reacting to whatever comes your way.  By realizing that you DO NOT NEED to verbalize and justify your words and actions to anyone – especially to women.  THIS is what will drive women crazy.

They will view you as a MAN who can be honest about what you observe, and what you want.  They will see you as being real, spontaneous, exciting and having a hint of danger because of your willingness to say and do what others wont.  You definitely wont be viewed as NICE and BORING.  They will think you’re HOT!

Now please realize that I’m not saying you need to start being aggressive towards others, or disrespectful and hurtful.  That will just make you look like an insecure, insensitive bully asshole.  No, what I’m saying is have your own path to walk, your own mind to speak and the balls to speak the truth and act of your own accord.

Remember, being BAD, and having the APPEAL of a bad boy, are two totally different things.  I’ve found that the best way to be, is to be a GOOD GUY with BAD BOY APPEAL.  When you can blend those characteristics into making yourself completely balanced, you become the type of man that ALL women dream about and CRAVE to have in their lives.  You will have bad boy appeal WITHOUT all the emotional baggage bad boys usually have.

A quick example of the perfect way to behave:  I was at my local bar once, doing the rounds, talking to different groups of friends.  I eventually got back to my table and there was a group of four women at a table next to us, so I introduced myself and the people I was with.  One of the women had a REALLY big scar on her cheek, the sort of scar that made EVERYONE stare.

I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was uncomfortable because of everybody’s looks and body language.  I just looked her straight in the eyes and said “how did you get that, what happened to your face”?

You should of seen the looks everyone gave me.  They were all shocked and one of my friends even started apologizing for my forwardness and rudeness.

But, you should of seen the look SHE gave me.  Because the look I got from her was one of respect, admiration and relief that someone had treated her with some realness and honesty, instead of pity or disgust.  She felt comfortable because I did exactly what she wished everyone else would do – treat her like a REAL person and TALK to her about it.

She was attracted to me for having the courage to say what everyone else was afraid to.  As a result, we became very good friends and still are to this day.  But even better, that group of four women ALL think I’m HOT, and so do ALL their friends.  I know that I could have ANY one of them whenever I want.

Sorry though girls, you know I’m married and unavailable ; )  Which brings us to another subject that we’ll have to discuss at some other time:  The magic and appeal of being UNAVAILABLE and HARD-TO-GET.  But you can see how the appeal of a bad boy works, and why women are SO attracted to bad boys.

Implement the appeal of a bad boy in your life and watch your success rate with women start to climb.

Stay tuned for more great, useful information and as usual, feel free to comment or post guys.

Till next time



How to Attract ANY Woman

Imagine … You walk into a crowded bar.  The atmosphere is ELECTRIC.  You can feel the energy surging through your veins.  The room is pumping with heart racing beats and hot, dancing bodies.  Beautiful women are EVERYWHERE.

You work your way around the room, greeting, talking, joking and laughing with a wide variety of friends.  And FLIRTING with beautiful women.  You OWN the room with your powerful, yet relaxed, confident stride and cool, suave behavior.  Women are checking you out – and not just some of them – but ALL of them.  You don’t even have to talk to any of them, you can tell just by the WAY they are looking at you, that you could have ANYONE you wanted.  ANYONE!  You are THE MAN!

How would that make you feel?  Would it make you feel great?  Would you feel you were on top of the world?  Would you feel like you were THE MAN?  Of course you would, and I can tell you firsthand, that it’s one of THE most exhilarating feelings you can ever experience in life.

Having the power to attract the opposite sex, SEXUALLY, is THE most sought after, and pursued power on the face of the planet.  And believe me, it is an awesome power to hold!  Having the ability to attract women at will is life changing, and makes you feel successful, powerful and sexy.

We humans place such high importance on being sexually attractive to the opposite sex.  It is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the survival and prosperous growth of the human race, that males and females attract each other sexually, and pro-create.

Men are constantly thinking about sex and the glory of having beautiful women.  We fantasise, we imagine and we visualize ourselves having the POWER to attract gorgeous women.  We try to learn the right words to say or the right things to do to attract beautiful women.  We constantly try to do things that make our lives better, so women are more attracted to us.

Women are constantly seeking information, products and services that will enhance their beauty in an effort to be more sexually attractive to men.  They dedicate magazines, web-sites, tv programs, development courses and endless other sources to the pursuit of beauty, youth and attracting men.  They publish countless articles and features with titles like  “How to Attract Men”, “How to Keep a Man”, “7 Sure-fire ways to please your man”, “Do these 7 things, and he’ll love you Forever”  and on and on and on.

Sex makes this world go round.

End of story.

Well, beginning actually, if you realize how simple it is to ATTRACT WOMEN.  If you understand what actually TRIGGERS attraction in women, then you can re-program your sub-conscious mind and modify your behavior, so that you OOZE sexual attractiveness.  Then you can have ANY woman you desire.

First, you need to understand that women are not particularly attracted to a “certain type” of man, but rather a man who displays a “certain type” of character and behavior traits.  Just as men are attracted to visual beauty, women are attracted to certain primal behavior traits and characteristics.

This doesn’t mean they like cavemen who like to grunt and hunt.  This simply means, that certain primal male behavior traits TRIGGER attraction in women.  When a man displays these traits, attraction is triggered in a woman and she will be more receptive to spending time with him, and eventually having sex with him .

So what is it that women are attracted to?

Well many things, but to start with, women are attracted to DOMINANT MEN!  They are most attracted to men who display dominant traits in their behavior and character.  Women want to have sex with a dominant man, the alpha male.

Just like all the other animals in the animal kingdom, women too, are attracted to the strongest alpha male types.
They are sub-consciously programmed to mate with the strongest males, to ensure the greatest chance of survival for their offspring.

By understanding this simple fact of human psychology, you can better understand yourself and the changes you might need to make to develop the right characteristics and behavior.  So how do you become a dominant man and have ANY woman you want?

There are a few key character traits that you will need to develop to ensure you become sexually attractive to women.  Confidence, leadership, decisiveness, passion, boldness, courage and personal strength.  These are some of the building blocks and foundation for your success with women.  If you can develop these traits and ingrain them deep inside your sub-conscious self, so they become a NATURAL part of your character, and BLEND them with the traits that women would LIKE a man to possess, then you will experience lasting success.

In our coming lessons, we will concentrate on each of the KEY CHARACTERISTICS, and help you to develop them so you become a NATURAL.  You WILL BE, a Suave Man.