Why Women Love Bad Boys

Why do bad boys get so many ladies?  What is it that they possess that is so appealing to women?  Why are women SOOO attracted to them?  Especially when we constantly hear women say things like:  “I just want a NICE guy”.

Simple:  they do what ever they want, when ever they want to.  They don’t give a shit about what others think or say about them.  They never ask permission to say or do ANYTHING.  They just DO IT!

THAT my friend is what is so attractive.  THAT’S why women LOVE them.  Bad boys are independent, they do what they want and they don’t care about the consequences of their actions.  They answer to no-one, they come and go as they please and they forge their own destiny.

It’s not the stereo-typical bad boy image – the tattoos, hard drinking, hard partying lifestyle that women find attractive.  And it’s NOT that they’re abusive, rude or arrogant that women find them attractive – although women will sometimes tolerate that sort of behaviour IF the guys are appealing enough.

No, it’s the fact that they are direct, to the point, tell it like it is and have the balls to say and do what others are thinking but dare not do.  That is the attractiveness of the bad boy.  They are REAL.  They ACT while others sit and think.  They say what others want to, but don’t have the guts to say.

That attitude makes them seem spontaneous, exciting and dangerous.  Women absolutely LOVE that in a man!

So how do you get the appeal of a bad boy?  More importantly, how do you get the appeal of a bad boy WITHOUT BECOMING BAD?

By having a devil-may-care attitude.  By growing the balls to say and do what you desire.  By being intense, yet totally relaxed – especially about little things that really don’t matter.  By taking your destiny in your own hands, instead of just reacting to whatever comes your way.  By realizing that you DO NOT NEED to verbalize and justify your words and actions to anyone – especially to women.  THIS is what will drive women crazy.

They will view you as a MAN who can be honest about what you observe, and what you want.  They will see you as being real, spontaneous, exciting and having a hint of danger because of your willingness to say and do what others wont.  You definitely wont be viewed as NICE and BORING.  They will think you’re HOT!

Now please realize that I’m not saying you need to start being aggressive towards others, or disrespectful and hurtful.  That will just make you look like an insecure, insensitive bully asshole.  No, what I’m saying is have your own path to walk, your own mind to speak and the balls to speak the truth and act of your own accord.

Remember, being BAD, and having the APPEAL of a bad boy, are two totally different things.  I’ve found that the best way to be, is to be a GOOD GUY with BAD BOY APPEAL.  When you can blend those characteristics into making yourself completely balanced, you become the type of man that ALL women dream about and CRAVE to have in their lives.  You will have bad boy appeal WITHOUT all the emotional baggage bad boys usually have.

A quick example of the perfect way to behave:  I was at my local bar once, doing the rounds, talking to different groups of friends.  I eventually got back to my table and there was a group of four women at a table next to us, so I introduced myself and the people I was with.  One of the women had a REALLY big scar on her cheek, the sort of scar that made EVERYONE stare.

I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was uncomfortable because of everybody’s looks and body language.  I just looked her straight in the eyes and said “how did you get that, what happened to your face”?

You should of seen the looks everyone gave me.  They were all shocked and one of my friends even started apologizing for my forwardness and rudeness.

But, you should of seen the look SHE gave me.  Because the look I got from her was one of respect, admiration and relief that someone had treated her with some realness and honesty, instead of pity or disgust.  She felt comfortable because I did exactly what she wished everyone else would do – treat her like a REAL person and TALK to her about it.

She was attracted to me for having the courage to say what everyone else was afraid to.  As a result, we became very good friends and still are to this day.  But even better, that group of four women ALL think I’m HOT, and so do ALL their friends.  I know that I could have ANY one of them whenever I want.

Sorry though girls, you know I’m married and unavailable ; )  Which brings us to another subject that we’ll have to discuss at some other time:  The magic and appeal of being UNAVAILABLE and HARD-TO-GET.  But you can see how the appeal of a bad boy works, and why women are SO attracted to bad boys.

Implement the appeal of a bad boy in your life and watch your success rate with women start to climb.

Stay tuned for more great, useful information and as usual, feel free to comment or post guys.

Till next time



How To Become An Alpha Male

There are many traits and characteristics that need to be learned and mastered to become successful with women.  Where many guys go wrong though, is they will try to learn certain pick-up lines or specific techniques, WITHOUT FIRST learning WHAT attracts women, and HOW to BE the sort of man that women are waiting and searching for.  They are looking for a quick fix, instead of being educated with the CORRECT principles.

Now, there are techniques and pick-up ROUTINES that work extremely well, but what makes them so effective is not so much the actual routine, but the belief system and behavioral patterns of the man who delivers them.  It is the behavior and beliefs of the ALPHA MALE  that attracts women, not the routines on their own.

Alpha Males have an aura about them that is different to the average man.  Notice that most average men are usually tense, stressed, hurried, fidgety and generally displaying weak behavior.  They tend to have their heads down, shoulders slouched, arms folded, eyes looking at their feet and too busy to be aware of their surroundings, or too scared to interact with it.  They will mostly seem uncontrolled, or worse, out of control.  And, they display and exude WEAKNESS.

The Alpha Male on the other hand, is the exact opposite.  He is strong, powerful and confident.  He is cool, calm and collected and totally at ease in any social situation.  He is in complete control – of himself, and his surroundings.  He is the TRIBAL LEADER.  He is the one that women align themselves with because sub-consciously, he gives them the BEST possible chance for their survival and replication.  He provides a sense of complete protection and safety and he displays the ultimate in personal strength.

If you want to enjoy phenomenal success with women, then you MUST become the Alpha Male.  You must develop the correct attitudes, belief systems, social skills, behavioral patterns and body language that will make you an Alpha Male.

Here are 5 key traits you need to develop and implement in your behavior and body language, to be an Alpha Male.

  1. RELAX. This is the most important emotional state for you to be in because it makes you look like you are in TOTAL CONTROL of yourself.  Self control is one of the sexiest attributes a man can possess, and women love it when a man behaves this way.  If you are relaxed about everything, the lady (or ladies) you are with will be influenced by your attitude and feel the same way.  So slow down your movements and relax your muscles.  Make your movements slow and fluid like you are walking in water.  Relax your eyelids and control your eye movements, scan your surroundings SLOWLY.  Remember, Alpha Males are rarely in a hurry, except when there is an emergency, so SLOW EVERYTHING down.
  2. POSTURE.  Alpha Males have powerful, masculine and authoritative posture.  Visualize yourself as a masculine man and FEEL masculine and powerful.  Stand with your back straight, shoulders back, chest out, chin up, (there’s a reason the military drill this posture into soldiers you know), eyes looking forward and NOT down at your feet.  But do it in a relaxed fashion.  You DON’T want to look like you are an ape or wannabe tough guy.  Remember, it’s all about appearing RELAXED.
  3. CONFIDENCE.  You need to display SUPREME CONFIDENCE.  You need to be absolutely assured of yourself and realize that you are a man of HIGH VALUE and STATUS.  Focus on your strengths and qualities and ignore your weaknesses and deficiencies, and you will be more likely to have a higher belief in yourself.  I like to use affirmations to declare to myself what I believe.  “I am a powerful, masculine, sexy Alpha Male”, “I am a high status, high value Alpha Male”, “I am the GREATEST and ALL women want me”.  Be as arrogant as you have to be in order to develop your supreme confidence.
  4. FEEL COMFORTABLE.  Feel comfortable in your own skin.  Feel comfortable around GORGEOUS WOMEN.  Feel comfortable in social situations.  Feel comfortable being alone.  Feel comfortable NO MATTER WHAT!  Being and feeling comfortable no matter what you are doing or who you are with is key to being an Alpha Male.  Why?  Because the Alpha Male is comfortable and confident in ALL his surroundings and company.  It is the Alpha Male who is in control, and EVERYONE knows it.  So if you want to be the Alpha, you better start behaving like one and FEEL comfortable NO MATTER WHAT!
  5. TAKE UP SPACE.  The Alpha Male takes up A LOT of space.  Spread out your body, stretch out your arms, hold your head high and just take up as much space as you want.  Have you ever noticed an alpha male out at a bar?  You know the one, the guy who has LOTS of women hanging around him.  When he sits down what is he doing?  He spreads his arms out across the backs of the chairs that are next to him.  Even if people are sitting in them, and especially if women are in them, he still does it.  And he does it WITHOUT APOLOGIZING.  In fact, NEVER apologize for anything you do.  An alpha male DOES NOT apologize for being himself.

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