Approaching Women – Here’s A Method I’ve Used To Meet Countless Women

To start with, I want you to realize that it is possible to meet women ANYWHERE.  Having said that though, while it’s possible to meet women anywhere – even if you are just walking down the street – it’s more probable that you will meet them at a public gathering.

In my opinion, it’s definitely a lot easier at public gatherings – you know they are there for a reason, and more than likely, NOT in a hurry to leave.

Places like pubs, bars, nightclubs, parties, restaurants, cafe’s, stores, malls, outdoor events or get-togethers, are all places you are MOST likely to meet women.  While each of these settings has its own set of challenges, advantages and dis-advantages for meeting and attracting women, your success will ALWAYS depend entirely on YOUR skills and abilities in approach and attraction.

Regardless of what setting you may be in, the fundamentals are ALWAYS the same.  If you can learn and apply these key fundamental skills and methods, then you are more likely to see success.

O.k, so you have seen a woman you like the look of.  You feel the need to meet her and get to know her better.  How do you go about it?  Well here is a method I’ve used on countless occasions and had incredible success rates with.

I’ve found that this method works best if you approach a set of 2 or more women.  Also, don’t be discouraged if the set has men in it.  Just befriend them as well, and the women will be even more impressed with your social skills.  (Women LOVE men that are ‘leaders of men’).

This method is best suited to a social setting, like a bar, lounge or cafe.  Just remember, you are going to be talking, so a loud dance club isn’t an ideal location.

Also, this works equally well if you are either alone or with a friend.  Either way, it doesn’t really matter.  But I’ve found – although if you are just beginning, it may feel a little too intimidating – it’s actually more effective if you are alone.  But only IF you display the confidence, behavior traits and characteristics of an Alpha Male.

First, this needs a small amount of previous preparation, and requires you to have friends who play the game of attraction and seduction as well.  (Shouldn’t be too hard considering we are ALL interested in being more attractive to women.)

All you do, is get a wing-man to text a message to you, stating that he has just found out his girlfriend is cheating on him, and doesn’t know what to do.  He also says he doesn’t want to confront her because he doesn’t want to destroy their relationship.

Send a text back saying that she is already destroying their relationship, and if he doesn’t confront her, then you will, because you will NOT stand idly by while she hurts him.  Then he sends a final message back saying that he appreciates your loyalty but doesn’t want you to cause any drama, and he will sort it out his own way.

Now approach the set, and say;  “Hey guys look, I only have a few spare moments, but I could really use a woman’s opinion, can you help me out?”

Note:  Remember, it is ESSENTIAL, that you ALWAYS display the CORRECT, attractive attitudes and characteristics when approaching. (See 5 Keys to Approaching Women).  Also, by letting the set know that your time is limited, it sub-consciously lets them know, that you are NOT trying to intrude on their time and space, and impose yourself on their group.

Women love to give advice to men, and it is extremely rare that a set of women will refuse to help out a man who has the balls and courage to approach them and ask for help.

Side Note:  If they do refuse to help you , continue to be happy and friendly to them, thank them for their time and confidently walk away.  If there is another set of women close by, approach them and apply the same methods.  It’s important to do this, because it displays to your target group, that your intentions for approaching them stem from a genuine need for help.

This will build social value in the eyes of your target group – as they witness your high level of social skill – and more than likely, they will be more than willing to help you out after you leave the second set of women.

Anyway, back on track.

When they agree to help you, tell them that a friend of yours has just found out that his girlfriend is cheating on him.  Show them the messages on your phone.

Now tell them that you’re really pissed off, and finding it hard to stand by and watch him being dragged through the mud.  Tell them you don’t know whether to follow your instincts and confront the girlfriend about her cheating, or honor your friends wishes.  Ask them what they would do in your situation.

Once they start to talk about the issue, sit there and listen to them for a few moments.  More than likely, they will all chip in and say things together.  Anyway, sooner or later you are going to have to interrupt the flow of conversation for a brief moment to introduce yourself.

All it takes is to simply say;  “What are your names guys?  I’m (Your Name).” Now just carry on with the conversation.

Now it’s important to note, that this conversation starter WON’T instantly make any of these women –  let alone your target woman –  fall for you.  This method is NOT designed for that anyway.  What it does do, is open the set of women in a specific way, that helps them to lower their defenses against your approach.

As you know, ALL women put their guards up if ANY man – unless he is famous, or already has high social proof in their eyes – approaches.  It’s just their natural instincts to protect themselves from the advances of ALL the loser type men that ALWAYS try to score with them.

Now that you’ve opened the set of women, the next stage is to create and build attraction.  This article is already becoming too long, so we will continue to concentrate on the creation and building of attraction in this situation, in another article.

Just remember, that you will have just displayed so many attractive qualities to these women.  By confidently approaching their group, and displaying to them your caring nature and loyalty to your friend, your honor towards his wishes, as well as your attractive Alpha Male attitude and characteristics, they will be absolutely compelled, and more than happy to sit there and share their thoughts and advice with you.

Take full advantage of this valuable opportunity to enter their group, and use this time to create and build attraction.  Stay tuned for the next information packed article.

All the best guys



5 Keys To Approaching Women – The Right Way

Let me ask you this:  How many times have you seen a woman and been attracted to her, and wanted to meet her SO badly, but …  you just couldn’t bring yourself to approach her and start a conversation?

You just WISH you knew the RIGHT things to do and the RIGHT things to say.  But you didn’t, and you just sat there and let ANOTHER opportunity to meet a beautiful woman slip right through your fingers!

I know for myself, I’d been in that very situation COUNTLESS times throughout my teen and adult life.  Before I learned what I know now, EVERY time I saw a woman I liked the look of, I would suffer that torment that so many ordinary guys go through, with all the usual accompanying thoughts and feelings.

You know the ones – those feelings of fear, anxiety, apprehension, the lack of self confidence, and the loss for words and the RIGHT things to say to get her to like you.  You sit there asking yourself questions like – “how do I start talking to her?”, “what will I say?”, “what if I make a dick of myself?”, “why would she even wanna talk to someone like me!”.

Well, I want to assure you that there are things you can do and say.  There are many men – men who have their “game” together – all over the world who approach women and start conversations with them every single day.  And, they get their phone numbers or email addresses and organize a time to do something – together.

Why should it be any different for you, and why shouldn’t YOU get some of those millions of women out there, for yourself?

If you learn some simple approach and conversation methods, AS WELL AS learning and APPLYING the CORRECT attitudes, characteristics and behavior traits that women are instinctively programmed to respond to, then you CAN have your fair share of women too.  BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!

Never again will you have to suffer that torment of feeling like a gutless wimp, because you are NOT able to approach a woman, start a conversation and get her number so you can take things further.

So, here are 5 VITALLY important attitudes, characteristics and behavior traits that you NEED to display when approaching a woman.

  • Relax! This is SO important.  If you are uptight, nervous and self conscious, then your attitude and behavior will not be attractive at all.  Women can smell fear and lack of confidence better than dogs can smell shit.  If you want to stand any sort of chance with ANY woman – regardless of what she looks like – then you absolutely MUST remain easygoing and relaxed.
  • Be Happy! How many times have you thought about approaching a gorgeous girl?  Countless times right?  And, how many times did you picture yourself HAPPY about having to approach her?  I’m guessing if you are anything like I was, NOT many, am I right again?  In fact, do you even think about being happy when you are faced with that situation?  I know for me, I would fantasize about being cool, and suave, but deep down, I was ALWAYS far too concerned about my fear and nervousness to even think about being happy – let alone displaying myself as a cool, suave man.  But, it’s such an important factor in any approach, and without it, you’re doomed.  Women are attracted to happy guys, so it’s VITALLY important that you get yourself into the right frame of mind BEFORE you even think about approaching.  Your attitude and demeanor will directly affect the outcome of your encounter.  So for a positive outcome, you MUST have a positive attitude, be easygoing, relaxed and HAPPY.
  • Be CONFIDENT. We talk so much about confidence, and sometimes it must sound like a broken record.  But honestly, it really is one of the fundamental keys to success with women.  You can know all the best pick up lines and routines on earth, but without confidence, NOTHING you do will ever amount to any sort of success with women.  Women are NOT attracted to men who lack confidence!
  • Be Prepared. Just like the boy scouts always say, you should ALWAYS be prepared.  This is a vital key in successful approaches.  Why?  Because by being prepared, you can eliminate (or at least minimize) any fears, nervousness or anxiety that can be caused by you having to step out of “the” comfort zone.  You know the zone – the one where it would be “nice” to be able to approach any woman you like, but you know you’re NOT really going to.  So to succeed in getting out of that comfort zone, it’s important to be prepared with something to say to initiate contact and spark interest, and then, continue a conversation so you can start to build a level of comfort and rapport.
  • Focus on HER! This point could be first as well, but I put it last because I want you to understand the importance of YOUR mindset, attitudes and behavior first.  Those are the vital ingredients for your success with women.  Now, we are talking about focusing on her BEFORE you initiate contact.  Firstly, focusing on her helps you to gain information about her e.g. is she alone, what type of mood does she appear to be in, does she seem to be enjoying herself etc.  The more information you have, the more prepared you can tailor your approach to suit the situation, and increase the chance of success.  Secondly (and more importantly) it helps you to shift the focus away from your own negative thoughts, fears, anxieties and doubts.  This is a crucial part of preparing to approach because it helps you to get in the right frame of mind, and gives you the best chance of a successful encounter.  You MUST eliminate any self doubt, fear and anxiety or it will show through in your demeanor and behavior, and destroy your ability to appear cool and suave.

These attitudes, characteristics and behavior traits are essential keys to being successful when approaching women.  If you can learn, apply and make these things an integral part of your personality, then meeting and attracting women anywhere, anytime will become a breeze, and a natural part of who you are.

In the next article I will be giving you a couple simple approach routines and conversation starters, with specific things you can say and do that will greatly increase your chances of successful approaching and pick-ups.

Stay tuned and keep going with the study and practice guys.  Till  next time,