How To Communicate With Women To Generate MASSIVE Attraction

You know, when it comes to communicating with women, there is SO MUCH MORE to it than just words.  In fact, experts say, more than 90% of human communication is NON-VERBAL.  You can see where so many guys go wrong then, by only trying to learn and use canned pick-up lines without applying the necessary non-verbal communication skills.

What this means is, our body language and behavior is far more important in our interactions with women, than our words are.  Body language can be used to project either a suave, powerful and charismatic persona, or, a weak, needy and insecure persona.  The way in which we carry ourselves and behave can be the determining factor in whether a woman is open to interacting with us or not.

So, I’m going to give you a few tips and suggestions on how to communicate more effectively with women on a non-verbal level, and use your body to project an image of suave, charismatic, dominant, alpha male attractiveness.

First, you need to SMILE!  This is probably the simplest and most obvious body language tool you can use.  Smiling is very difficult to ignore and portrays confidence, positivity, friendliness and the likelihood that you’re someone who is fun to be with.  Smiling also conveys one very important factor about yourself – that you are NOT dangerous.

Women are usually smaller than us men.  When they are first getting to know us, they will ALWAYS be thinking in the back of their minds whether or not we are dangerous, violent or crazy, and whether or not, they can feel comfortable and safe around us.  By smiling, you can help ease this fear.

Second, USE “OPEN” AND “DIRECT” BODY LANGUAGE.  What this means is, opening up your body posture and exposing and presenting yourself by facing the other person, relaxing your arms and letting your hands hang freely at your sides.  Presenting yourself in an open manner, leaves you in a vulnerable state, and because of your willingness to do that, makes you appear extremely confident, powerful and dominant.

Most men are afraid of being vulnerable in this way, and tend to use “closed” body language to reduce the level of perceived intimacy.  By being  “open” with your body language, you invite others to be intimate, but you also increase the possibility and risk of rejection.

So, most men use “closed” or “indirect” body postures, like facing their head, shoulders or body away from others, crossing their arms, or holding objects like drinks across their chests to provide a barrier.  This provides protection against  possible rejection and embarrassment.

The flip side to doing this though guys, is that it’s NOT VERY ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN!  While this may serve to reduce the risk to you in the interaction, it WONT portray to women that you are a confident, powerful, dominant and suave man.  So keep your body “open” and “direct”to attract women.

Third, USE STRONG, DIRECT EYE CONTACT.  Eye contact is one of THE most powerful and arousing “weapons” in your arsenal, and is near impossible to ignore.  Equaled only by smiling and touching, it demonstrates that you have extremely high self-confidence.  This  portrays to women that you are interested in them and what they have to say, or if you are still strangers to each other, sub-consciously shows them that you are a confident, self assured man.

Studies have shown that sustained eye contact boosts physiological arousal, which means that if you use it properly, it will make you seem more attractive and exciting to women.  So use eye contact as often as possible.  Also, let women break eye contact first.  This will display your inner strength, self control and shows them you are NOT afraid of them.

You do need to be careful NOT to overdo it though.  Too much direct eye contact will make women feel uncomfortable, creep them out and they WILL label you as a WEIRDO.  NOT the effect you want to have on women when you are trying to be suave!

Fourth, GET CLOSE.  By standing or sitting closer to a woman, it reduces not only the real distance between the two of you, but also the psychological distance as well.  Doing this helps create more intimacy with her, and can create the perception of togetherness between the two of you.  Getting closer to her also helps boosts arousal levels, which will again make you seem “different” to other guys.

By getting closer to her and giving her your undivided attention, you’re telling her that you find her, and what she has to say, more interesting than what’s going on around you.  Plus, she is forced to reciprocate and give her undivided attention back to you.

Finally, TOUCH HER.  I don’t mean grope her and feel her up.  That’s just charmless, inappropriate, uncool and plain ugly behavior.  What I mean is, touching appropriately has an immediate and magical effect on women.  Actually, ALL people are positively affected by touch.  Touching is a powerful way of establishing instant rapport and creating an immediate bond with another person if done correctly.

Touching can make you instantly unforgettable and turbo boost your attractiveness.  It also helps to build trust and comfort which will enable women to WANT to be intimate with you.  But, it does have to be done in an appropriate manner at an appropriate time.  Touching a woman too much, too soon, or in the WRONG WAY, can have a negative effect and destroy your chances of generating any attraction.

You need to pay attention to the mood and feel of the situation.  You should NEVER force a touch if the mood or situation doesn’t feel right.  Just like going in for the first kiss, the first touch has to be done at the right time and in the right situation or you can do more harm than good.

Having said that, THE BEST time to start initiating physical contact is right from the beginning of your encounters.  Casually touching the outside of a woman’s right arm when you introduce yourself and shake her hand, sub-consciously sends a signal to her that you are a confident, personable and socially adept person.  It gets her used to your touch right away and it’s also a non-threatening way to touch, because the outside of the arm is not intimate enough to feel out of place or weird.

By establishing a level of physical contact early, it is far easier to move on to more intimate touching as the encounter develops.  Most guys do one of two things.  They either go charging in, making the woman feel uncomfortable, or worse, violated.  Or they don’t touch her at all, which makes them seem either uninterested in her or too timid to make a move.  These behaviors are all extremely unattractive to women, and none of them will get you ANYWHERE if you want to succeed.

The point is, is that touching is such a powerful tool in the arsenal of a Suave Man, and you absolutely must use touch to increase women’s arousal and attraction levels.  Start physical contact right away, continue to touch to help maintain the rapport and bond you have created, and keep increasing the physical contact to build mutually felt sexual attraction.

I recommend you implement ALL these suggestions into your personality and behaviors, and start to communicate with women on a highly attractive, non-verbal level.  These are ALL things I use on a daily basis, in every encounter I have, and I firmly believe they are a major factor for my success with women.

We will be going into finer detail and greater depth later on about the different aspects we have discussed, so stay tuned for more.  Have fun trying these things out, and don’t hesitate to write and let me know how it’s all going.

All the best.



How To Be Unpredictable To Attract More Women

If there is ONE thing that stops MOST men dead in their tracks when trying to attract women, it’s being BORING!  This is the greatest sin of all.  Women absolutely HATE being bored.  And, once you have been labeled as boring, you will need to do a HUGE amount of work to recover from that.  You will be viewed as a predictable, uninteresting and BORING “nice guy”, and she WILL place you into the dreaded “let’s just be friends” category.

Now to be honest, it’s not that women dislike nice guys, it’s just that nice guys aren’t exciting and fun.  They’re pleasant, predictable and they do and say all the “right things”.  There is no spontaneity or unpredictability, which means, NO fun and excitement.  Deep in their hearts, women are all seeking adventure and excitement.  That’s why bad boys and jerks can always attract beautiful women, because they provide excitement, fun and an element of danger.  Women NEVER know what’s going to happen next.  It’s always one big adventure.

So it goes without saying then, if you are trying to attract women – especially beautiful women – then you need to be interesting, fun and exciting.  Most guys are too busy trying to IMPRESS women with what they think is attractive ie. money, fancy possessions, social standing, workplace positions, personal accomplishments or luxurious lifestyles.  What they don’t do is work on being INTERESTING to women.  Instead they falsely believe that being impressive IS being interesting.

You need to remember that women are more emotional than we are, and as a result, are not interested in or stimulated by the things that interest us.  They are more concerned with FEELING emotions, rather than talking about practical and logical issues.  For example, talking to a woman about the specs of your brand new car, or the stats of the latest football game will more than likely put her to sleep.  BORING!  Hell, I’m a man and know what all that means, AND I get bored listening to someone go on about these things.

It’s more important – actually, it’s essential if you want success with women – that you are FUN, INTERESTING and EXCITING.  And one of the best ways to do that is to be UNPREDICTABLE.

There are a couple of  important things you can implement in your personality right now, that will help you to be more unpredictable, fun and exciting.

Firstly, STOP being afraid to say what you think.  What I mean by this is, you need to have the balls and cheek to make truthful observations about what you see.  You don’t have to be mean and hurtful, just have the nerve to say what others want to, but don’t have the balls to.

Most men are too afraid of upsetting a woman with their words and actions, and as a result, they hold their tongues, and hold back on their actions, which makes them appear boring and predictable to her.  You know, there are only a handful of “right” things you can say and do in any situation, but there are infinite “wrong” things you can say and do.

So it’s far better to say what’s on your mind, than to be pleasant about everything.  Jerks and bad boys have the ability to say and do whatever they want, which makes them seem unpredictable, and in turn, appear exciting to be around.  This is why so many women fall for them.  They just never know what’s going to happen next.  It’s all an experience of excitement and adventure.

You also need to have relaxed playfulness.  Relaxed playfulness is behaving in a fun, playful way with a relaxed attitude about everything.  Playfully tease women.  Teasing most women has an incredible effect, because it shows them that you are not afraid of them and you have the balls to say and do what most of the other guys don’t have the balls to.  Women will automatically assume you are DIFFERENT to 99% of all the other men they meet, because you have just done what most men don’t have the courage to do.

Here’s something I’ve been doing for a long time, and its been the start of so many of the “relations” I’ve had with women.  When I’m out at bars, and I’ve met and started talking to a woman, I like to make a cheeky comment about her cleavage.  I make it obvious I’m staring at her boobs, then I look her in the eyes and say, “you know, I just can’t concentrate with your cleavage staring at me like that, I’m going to have to cover it up”!  Then I’ll pull her top up, or if they are wearing something over the top, I’ll pull that across or down or whatever.  Then after I’ve done that I’ll say, “actually, it was WAY better when they were out”, and I”ll expose her cleavage again.  For added effect, I like to finish that off with a cheeky little hip bump (bump your hip into her hip), followed by a sly smile and wink.

Always works that one, because I just showed her with my words and actions, that I am fun, exciting and unpredictable.  I have just done what NO other man has done to her.  I had the balls to treat her as a sexy woman who I am attracted to, BUT, I can still remain in control of myself.  Extremely powerful and attractive behavior.

If you are behaving the right way, it’ll work for you too.  Give it a try sometime.

This type of behavior shows women that you are relaxed being sexual with them, and comfortable enough to make it all appear to be lighthearted, relaxed and fun.  While most other guys have been using the tired old pick-up lines or canned get-to-know-you question routine, you have just shown her that you are DIFFERENT from ALL the other guys who have approached her.  She will think you are INTERESTING, and be open to more interactions with you.

Most of all though, this type of behavior makes you seem UNPREDICTABLE, EXCITING and FUN.

Try these things out for yourself.  Make sure you are confident in your words and actions, and most of all, make sure you are always having fun doing what you are doing.  Women will notice your relaxed attitude, and appreciate your realness, honesty and unpredictability.



How To Become An Alpha Male

There are many traits and characteristics that need to be learned and mastered to become successful with women.  Where many guys go wrong though, is they will try to learn certain pick-up lines or specific techniques, WITHOUT FIRST learning WHAT attracts women, and HOW to BE the sort of man that women are waiting and searching for.  They are looking for a quick fix, instead of being educated with the CORRECT principles.

Now, there are techniques and pick-up ROUTINES that work extremely well, but what makes them so effective is not so much the actual routine, but the belief system and behavioral patterns of the man who delivers them.  It is the behavior and beliefs of the ALPHA MALE  that attracts women, not the routines on their own.

Alpha Males have an aura about them that is different to the average man.  Notice that most average men are usually tense, stressed, hurried, fidgety and generally displaying weak behavior.  They tend to have their heads down, shoulders slouched, arms folded, eyes looking at their feet and too busy to be aware of their surroundings, or too scared to interact with it.  They will mostly seem uncontrolled, or worse, out of control.  And, they display and exude WEAKNESS.

The Alpha Male on the other hand, is the exact opposite.  He is strong, powerful and confident.  He is cool, calm and collected and totally at ease in any social situation.  He is in complete control – of himself, and his surroundings.  He is the TRIBAL LEADER.  He is the one that women align themselves with because sub-consciously, he gives them the BEST possible chance for their survival and replication.  He provides a sense of complete protection and safety and he displays the ultimate in personal strength.

If you want to enjoy phenomenal success with women, then you MUST become the Alpha Male.  You must develop the correct attitudes, belief systems, social skills, behavioral patterns and body language that will make you an Alpha Male.

Here are 5 key traits you need to develop and implement in your behavior and body language, to be an Alpha Male.

  1. RELAX. This is the most important emotional state for you to be in because it makes you look like you are in TOTAL CONTROL of yourself.  Self control is one of the sexiest attributes a man can possess, and women love it when a man behaves this way.  If you are relaxed about everything, the lady (or ladies) you are with will be influenced by your attitude and feel the same way.  So slow down your movements and relax your muscles.  Make your movements slow and fluid like you are walking in water.  Relax your eyelids and control your eye movements, scan your surroundings SLOWLY.  Remember, Alpha Males are rarely in a hurry, except when there is an emergency, so SLOW EVERYTHING down.
  2. POSTURE.  Alpha Males have powerful, masculine and authoritative posture.  Visualize yourself as a masculine man and FEEL masculine and powerful.  Stand with your back straight, shoulders back, chest out, chin up, (there’s a reason the military drill this posture into soldiers you know), eyes looking forward and NOT down at your feet.  But do it in a relaxed fashion.  You DON’T want to look like you are an ape or wannabe tough guy.  Remember, it’s all about appearing RELAXED.
  3. CONFIDENCE.  You need to display SUPREME CONFIDENCE.  You need to be absolutely assured of yourself and realize that you are a man of HIGH VALUE and STATUS.  Focus on your strengths and qualities and ignore your weaknesses and deficiencies, and you will be more likely to have a higher belief in yourself.  I like to use affirmations to declare to myself what I believe.  “I am a powerful, masculine, sexy Alpha Male”, “I am a high status, high value Alpha Male”, “I am the GREATEST and ALL women want me”.  Be as arrogant as you have to be in order to develop your supreme confidence.
  4. FEEL COMFORTABLE.  Feel comfortable in your own skin.  Feel comfortable around GORGEOUS WOMEN.  Feel comfortable in social situations.  Feel comfortable being alone.  Feel comfortable NO MATTER WHAT!  Being and feeling comfortable no matter what you are doing or who you are with is key to being an Alpha Male.  Why?  Because the Alpha Male is comfortable and confident in ALL his surroundings and company.  It is the Alpha Male who is in control, and EVERYONE knows it.  So if you want to be the Alpha, you better start behaving like one and FEEL comfortable NO MATTER WHAT!
  5. TAKE UP SPACE.  The Alpha Male takes up A LOT of space.  Spread out your body, stretch out your arms, hold your head high and just take up as much space as you want.  Have you ever noticed an alpha male out at a bar?  You know the one, the guy who has LOTS of women hanging around him.  When he sits down what is he doing?  He spreads his arms out across the backs of the chairs that are next to him.  Even if people are sitting in them, and especially if women are in them, he still does it.  And he does it WITHOUT APOLOGIZING.  In fact, NEVER apologize for anything you do.  An alpha male DOES NOT apologize for being himself.

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