The Suave Commandments


Every single aspect of life is controlled by certain “rules” – The Rules of The Game! The things that determine a person’s success in any particular area of life – things that separate the winners from the losers – are that person’s ability to learn and apply the rules that apply to that specific area.

Someone who is trying to improve their health and fitness must learn and apply the “rules” of health and fitness. They must adopt the correct lifestyle and adhere to healthy eating and training principles if they hope to achieve their goals. The same applies if someone is trying to improve their finances – they must adopt and apply the correct money management principles if they hope to achieve their goals.

The Game of Love is no different and also has it’s own set of rules that must be learned and applied if there is to be any hope of achieving your goals. Learn, follow and apply these Ten Commandments in your dating life, so you can Meet, Attract, Seduce and Succeed with ANY Woman you desire.

The Ten Commandments of Suave Success


Thou Shalt BE Powerfully Masculine

Magnetic polarity is a basic structure of nature – masculine energy is attracted to feminine energy, feminine energy is attracted to masculine energy. In order to attract women on a primal, subconscious, instinctive and biological level, you absolutely MUST possess and exhibit strong, masculine power. Women NEED masculine men. Be Masculine!

Thou Shalt Exude Supreme Confidence

Displaying supreme confidence conveys that you’re a man who is in total control of your circumstances, your situation and your life. Complete control of your life conveys High Survival and Reproduction value, a strong and powerful Alpha Male character and conveys you possess the ability to master ANY situation or environment. Your confidence will cause other people to feel safe, secure and comfortable being in your presence because they can trust that you’re a strong man. Be Supremely Confident!

Thou Shalt Project Immense Personal Strength and Power

Personal strength and power – strength and power of your thoughts, your beliefs, your behaviour and your actions – conveys that you’re completely comfortable in your own skin, you’re completely confident in your abilities, live life according to your own terms, hold yourself accountable to higher-than-normal values and principles, and are the ultimate Alpha Male in your reality. Being personally strong and powerful conveys that you’re real and genuine. If you conduct yourself with honour and integrity people will find you trustworthy and reliable, and once again, your strength and power will produce a feeling of safety and comfort in those who are in your presence. Be Personally Strong and Powerful!

Thou Shalt BE The Prize

It is essential that women perceive YOU to be The Prize! It’s imperative that they earn YOUR attention in order for them to invest themselves in you emotionally, mentally and physically, particularly when those women are incredibly beautiful and used to having any man they want. By being The Prize, you’ll set yourself apart from the vast majority of other men, making you appear different and special. Your intrinsic value will increase exponentially, compelling women to chase YOU, rather than you having to pursue them. Be The Prize!

Thou Shalt BE Relaxed, Easy-Going and Fun

Possessing the ability to remain relaxed in whatever you’re doing and whatever situation you’re in enables women to feel relaxed in your presence also (it’s important to remember, energy is contagious, whether it is positive or negative). Being easy-going and fun conveys that you are a happy, energetic and exciting person, and that being in your presence will be a fun and joyful experience. Be Relaxed, Easy-Going and Fun!

Thou Shalt BE Different and Unique

Being different and unique is ESSENTIAL to setting yourself apart from the crowd. Being the same or similar to everyone else around you diminishes your power to stand-out and be noticed. Alpha Males are unique individuals who have our own personal style and personality traits, which makes us memorable. Dare to be different – dress differently, behave differently, speak differently, do different things and have the courage to go against the norm. Be Different and Unique!

Thou Shalt Always BE A Challenge

Nothing is more intoxicating to women, especially incredibly beautiful women, than a man who has his own mind, isn’t afraid to disagree and has the personal power to resist being dominated. This type of behaviour creates a powerful sense of uncertainty – women won’t know where they stand with you and this will make you seem “hard-to-get.” Hot women are conditioned to most men treating them as The Prize and bending over backwards to accommodate them, so when they encounter a man who cannot be dominated, controlled by their requests, will stand his ground and argue with them or seems to be unaffected by their beauty like every other guy, they experience an exciting and thrilling sense of uncertainty and rush of adrenaline! You WILL BE special because you’re causing their heart rates to soar. Be a Challenge!

Thou Shalt Always Take the Lead

Leaders are authoritative, decisive, purposeful and motivated. We possess the ability to inspire others to follow and are always at the forefront of all situations – from social gatherings to physical conflicts. Alpha Males ALWAYS lead the way because we’re the strongest – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – and possess the confidence and personal power to overcome ALL obstacles. Women feel safe and secure in the presence of a powerful leader and are instinctively compelled to follow a man who possesses these traits. Be A Leader!

Thou Shalt Display and Exhibit Strong Male Sexuality – but NOT Sexual Interest (until the time is right)

Humans are sexual creatures. Our primary purposes in life are to Survive and to Reproduce. To be viewed and perceived as a potential sexual interest – a man that women want to reproduce with – it’s essential that you display a sexual nature. Women simply won’t view you as a sexual man IF you do NOT project a sexual nature – they’ll only view you as a plutonic person. Projecting strong, Alpha Male sexuality allows women to connect with your sexual persona and view you as a sexual partner. Be A Sexual Man!

Thou Shalt ALWAYS Follow the Seduction Success Sequence in the CORRECT Order!

If you want to be successful with women, then it is absolutely CRITICAL that you follow the Seduction Success Sequence in EXACTLY the right order. You need to fully understand the process of seduction which is – 1) Generate Attraction, 2) Develop a Connection and 3) Engineer Seduction! If you decide to skip any phases of the sequence, you’re going to fail because you’re neglecting essential processes that influence and control the biological sexual instincts of women. Be Smart … ALWAYS Follow The Sequence!


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