Tips On How To Pick-up Girls

If you’ve always wanted to know how to attract women and you’ve seen one or more dating gurus spouting tips on how to pick up girls, you might be thinking of a way to jumpstart your own seduction plans and be the hot guy that any girl would want to date. The fastest way to learn how seduction works is to read some tips on how to pick up girls. There are more seduction experts than you can imagine, and almost all of these guys have been out there promoting their dating programs and classes.
Here’s the deep truth about listening to pick up advice: you have to take everything with a grain of salt. This means you have to test the tip a few times, find out if it works for you and ditch it if it doesn’t. You need to make every tip, every opener and every conversation routine your own before you can start seducing women.
Having said that, here are some tips on how to pick up girls you can test today.

1. Make saying hello a habit, and I don’t just mean to women you want to date.
Women are everywhere: in the gym, in the supermarket and in the cafeteria. If you start this habit now, you will feel more comfortable around women when it’s time to go on your pick up mode. Being social is habit-forming, and it’s a habit you want to start ASAP.

2. Don’t go for the lay, go for the interaction.
You know you want to get laid, but a sure way of not getting some is thinking about the results first before approaching women. Body language is a funny thing, and women are more intuitive than we think. If you think of scoring when you approach, everything that you say and do will reflect your thoughts.

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