Hey, Baden Maxwell here.  Welcome to SUAVE MAN, your #1 source of information about Meeting, Attracting, Dating and Succeeding with Women – Anytime, Anywhere … ANY Woman!

  • Do you struggle to attract women, in particular, beautiful women?
  • Do you find yourself constantly in the “friend zone” whenever you like someone?
  • Do you dream about being with a hot woman, but find yourself drifting through life resigned to the belief that you’ll probably never be able to get one for yourself?
  • How would you like to be the sort of man that ALL women CRAVE to be with, and would do almost ANYTHING to have in their lives … And their BEDS?
  • Would you like to learn how to be IRRESISTIBLE to ANY woman you desire?

Then you are in the RIGHT PLACE my friend.

Here at SUAVE MAN, I want to provide you with all the information and advice to help transform you into the type of man that EASILY attracts women – Anytime, Any Where … ANY Woman!

It doesn’t matter what your age, looks, social status or bank account look like.  It doesn’t matter what type of car you drive or where you live.  If you know WHAT women find attractive, WHY they’re attracted to these things, and HOW to BE the type of man they really want, then attracting them becomes simple and easy!

On this site you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and information, as well as links to some of the best resources available to help you become a man women find irresistible.

The ultimate aim of this site though, is to give ordinary guys the opportunity to completely transform their lives by learning how attraction REALLY works … NOT how we THINK it works!

I’ll share all the knowledge I’ve gained from over 15 years of experience applying this powerful information.  The knowledge I share with you has been gleaned through years of learning, study, practice, trial and error.

I’ve enjoyed many years of success with women, but I was also unsuccessful for many years of my life as well.  I never quit though, I just continued to search for, learn and apply the correct principles until I became my ultimate self.

I remember when I used to feel like a complete LOSER, because I had NO skills whatsoever when it came to attracting women.  I BELIEVED what we’ve falsely been told about attracting them.  I believed that they want us to bend over backwards to please them, do whatever they tell us and be there to serve them hand and foot.  But that’s NOT what they want!

I NEVER DREAMED that maybe they wanted something more than that … They NEED more than that!  I never believed that women want us to be SUPREMELY CONFIDENT, CHALLENGING, EDGY, UNPREDICTABLE, CONTROVERSIAL, BALLSY, even a little DANGEROUS, along with other honorable traits like RESPECT, KINDNESS, GENEROSITY and LOVE.  It wasn’t until I learned WHY women look for these qualities in a man, and HOW I could develop these traits and characteristics, that I experienced true success and overcame my failures with women.

For me though, failure was a critical part of the transformation process because it allowed me to experience firsthand, what worked and what didn’t.  Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes and by-pass the pain and embarrassment I sometimes went through.

Most of all, it’s my mission to empower you with the confidence and skills to transform yourself and your life, so you can experience what I do on a daily basis … That feeling of KNOWING women find you attractive, desirable and sexy, and have them treat you as a man they’ve been dreaming of their whole lives.

I firmly believe though, that it’s not enough to just pickup women for sex.  Yes, sex is an important part of our lives – a part that many men believe is the ultimate goal – but it’s just a part.  I believe it’s more important for us to gain control over every aspect of our lives, and every aspect of ourselves, in order to grow and truly become what we were born to be – Powerful, dominant, masculine men with the abilities to lead, love and protect our women, our families and our societies.

So if you are sick of not having the knowledge and skills to get any woman you desire, and have found yourself at a stage of your life where you are ready – and I mean REALLY ready – for positive, exciting and highly rewarding change, then welcome to SUAVE MAN.

Get ready for a new life.  A life of excitement, enjoyment and fulfillment.  A life that’s SO great to live each and every day, because you KNOW without a doubt, that you have the ability to attract ANY woman you want.  Mostly, it’s great because you experience on a daily basis, the admiration, adoration, love and LUST from just about every woman you know and meet.  It’s such an awesome feeling and power to hold!

If you want to really jump-start your learning and INSTANTLY boost your attractiveness, or discover the ultimate secrets to becoming the type of man women dream of being with, then I strongly encourage you to grab a FREE copy of my revealing ebook, Secrets of Sexual Attraction


For tons of FREE advice and content, take a good look around the site and check out all our latest stories and articles. I’m confident you’ll really love them!

All the best brother!



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